Anna Devane worked with the WSB and once was the police commissioner of Port Charles, a position now held by her good friend Jordan Ashford. Both women have something else in common as Ms. Ashford once dated Dr. Andre Maddox and Ms. Devane recently seemed poised to be his next love interest. Now, these women along with many General Hospital" fans have been stunned to find out that Andre played a role in the saga of Jason and Andrew. According to spoiler alerts from Soap Opera Spy, Anna and Jordan will now work together to seek answers as to why this man they cared about seems to have gone rogue.

The curveball that was thrown by 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" threw viewers a curveball when it was revealed that Dr. Maddox was working with Dr. Klein. There previously had been no indication that Andre was anything but an upstanding citizen and a good psychiatrist. The only hint that there was any connection was when he purchased to portrait of the two little boys and presented it back to Franco. Now the good doctor seemingly has left town and the women who trusted him need him to provide answers as to which man is Andrew and who is Jason.

Spoilers indicate that Anna and Jordan will be perplexed by this situation and seek Andre for answers regarding his role in it all. There has been no mention, however, as to whether or not Andre is gone for good from Port Charles.

Last week, after giving Franco information that seems to reveal which man is Jason and who is his twin Andrew, Dr. Maddox cleaned out his office at "General Hospital" and seems to have fled town.

Andre must be held accountable

Dr. Maddox needs to be held accountable and also let everyone know that he told Franco the truth. Fear of losing Elizabeth caused Franco to burn the evidence that was given to him by Andre.

If this is revealed he could be held accountable for obstruction of justice. Jordan and Anna have good instincts and together they will probably play a part in getting to the bottom of the mystery that has taken over Port Charles.

Jordan and Anna are professional women and they will help unravel the clues that lead to finding out which twin is Andrew and which one is the real Jason Morgan.

There are about seven and one-half months to go before this storyline is concluded, so anything revealed now could be a red herring. Eventually, however, all the pieces will fall into place. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM for more episodes of "General Hospital."