On Monday's episode of "General Hospital," there was a twist to the storyline that viewers probably did not see coming. Franco is still seeking answers and told Dr. Maddox that his mother said he pushed Drew down the steps. Franco said he was worried that he might not be safe to be around Elizabeth's children. Andre told him that Betsy may have been lying to him again and that he should not share his feelings with Liz or Jason. Once Franco left the office, Andre called Dr. Klein and told him that someone is getting close to finding out what they are up to.

This plot continues to thicken and the players continue to increase.

Andre is not who he seems to be

Dr. Maddox has thus far been a background player in Port Charles. He dated Jordan and flirted with Anna but mostly hangs out around 'General Hospital" helping those who need his counsel. During the art exhibit, it was Andre who purchased the portrait of Franco and Drew. Spoilers had indicated that he would play a part in the mystery of Franco's past but until now there was no clear indication of how he was connected. All that is really known for now is that Andre Mattox is not who Port Charles residents perceive him to be.

There are many questions that come to mind at this point such as: Why did Andre purchase the painting of the two boys, and what is his connection to Dr, Klein?

How does the physician from the Russian clinic know Sonny and why is he so afraid of the mob boss? Why is Patient 6 so important and does either of these men know his true identity? What are they hiding and why don't they want Franco to know the truth about Drew? Most importantly, who are these two professional men really working for and what is the ultimate goal?

The dots will eventually connect Dr. Maddox to the other players

The facts as viewers know them thus far are these: Patient 6 and Jason both seem to have the same memories. One of them is the real Jason Morgan and the other is his twin Drew who once lived with Franco. On Monday's episode of "General Hospital" Jake told Elizabeth about the man who has his dad's old face.

Just as the little boy felt comfortable with Billy Miller's Jason before knowing who he was, he told Liz that he felt safe with this stranger.

Everything seems to be implying that both men are Jason, and neither is Drew but this cannot be true. Once Dr. Klein and Andre's connection can be established perhaps viewers can follow the trail to facts that will help Franco find out the truth about his playmate. This twist regarding Dr, Maddix is only the beginning of the maze that will lead to the end of the storyline.