Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards are doing it again. The “Teen Mom OG” couple has been plagued with rumors of divorce since their quickie wedding in May was revealed. Edwards did a 30-day stint in rehab for what is presumed to be prescription drug addiction. He was filmed driving high to the quickie wedding, footage that will forever haunt him and Standifer.

A real wedding

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards will be getting married again. The ceremony is set to take place this weekend. The two hurried their wedding up in May in order to work on getting custody of Bentley (the son Edwards shares with Maci Bookout).

It also coincided with the rehab stint, which is alarming. Standifer stood behind Ryan, and in the months since the scandal, the two have focused on their upcoming wedding. This time, both of their sons will be in attendance. Last time, Edwards' parents were the only two witnesses to the bizarre ceremony.

In the months since the footage from “Teen Mom OG” surfaced, the couple has faced some other issues. Ryan Edwards was rumored to be sending personal pictures on the app Tinder. The graphic photos were circulated on social media along with some text conversations. Mackenzie Standifer still stood by her man. She used scripture to taunt the haters on social media and has since kept a low-profile.

Jen and Larry Edwards have stood behind the couple, often praising Standifer for putting up with their son and his issues. At this point, the issues surrounding Ryan's entrance to rehab have not been discussed. Mackenzie and Maci Bookout did come face to face with each other on a special, and the two were not on the same page.

Their part on the show

“Teen Mom OG” is about to start a new season. It was unclear whether Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer would be taking part in it this time around. The source confirmed they have been filming all along but declined to attend any of the special events associated with the show. In fact, the MTV crew was unsure whether or not they would allow their wedding to be filmed.

Edwards and Standifer have decided to allow the camera crew to record their special day. After all, their quickie wedding was shown on “Teen Mom OG” and has haunted them since. This may be a way to move on from what happened a build a future for themselves.

The new season of "Teen Mom OG" will begin in a few weeks. It will not only feature Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer, but the other women and their updated stories as well.