There have been rumors flying for a bit that Jana Duggar is courting Caleb Williams. So far, Jana hasn't admitted that there is anyone special in her life, but the fans would love to hear the details. There were rumors about Caleb and also another guy, but the other guy has already shared that they are not dating at all. Now The Hollywood Gossip is sharing that Caleb has been spending some time with the Duggar family, which could mean there is something going on. It really has the fans speculating the details.

What was Caleb seen doing with the family?

There is a picture of Caleb with Jim Bob Duggar and one of the smaller girls at an Arkansas Razorbacks football game. Along with the photo, Caleb shared saying, "Thanks for the invite y’all! #gametime #wrongcolors #wps #beatauburn." If Caleb isn't courting Jana, then he might be someone that Jim Bob would like to see her with considering that they already know him and he does hang out with the family already. He made it sound a bit like Jim Bob was the one who invited him to the football game.

There is also a picture of Caleb where he is holding Mason, which is Josh Duggar's newest baby. Josh Duggar isn't seen out much, so the fact that Caleb was spending time with him has everyone wondering if this means that Caleb is already really close to the entire family.

Could Jana be courting?

Jana Duggar is the oldest of the girls that is still single and living at home. It wouldn't be surprising at all to find out that she is courting someone. This is about the right time in Jana's life. Jana has been approached by other guys in the past, but she didn't ever find the right one. There is nothing wrong at all with being a bit picky about finding the right guy to spend the rest of your life with and it sounds like that is the reason that Jana Duggar hasn't settled down just yet.

Most of the time, the Duggars wait until a relationship is kind of serious before telling the fans what is going on. They could easily be waiting on a new episode of the show to make the big announcement. Everyone is hopeful that Jana Duggar has found love and that she will be sharing the news with her fans soon that she has someone in her life.

For now, everyone is just going to have to wait and see.

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