There has been a lot of talk about if "Counting On"is coming back for another season or not and the Duggars and TLC haven't confirmed anything at all. The recent season just ended with weddings and if they are filming again then they haven't confirmed it. Now fans are talking and a post that Discovery made back in March makes it look like they might not be coming back. This really has the fans wanting to know details and find out if the Duggars are returning.

What did the Discovery article share?

This article is all about what shows TLC will be focusing on for 2017 and 2018.

It mentions a few fan favorites such as "Sister Wives," which is giving fans hope that one is coming back. It also talks about "Meet the Putmans" and even Kate Gosselin's show "Kate Plus 8." The fan-favorite "Outdaughtered" was also mentioned, which makes fans happy to know the Busby family is returning. The one thing it doesn't mention at all is "Counting On" or the Duggars. This has everyone wondering if the show is over.

This makes everyone wonder if "Counting On" could be over. They did air it in some of 2017, but it doesn't sound like it is going to be a show that TLC is focused on pushing during the rest of the year and in 2018. Maybe it will be coming back later in 2018 after a big break, but so far TLC isn't saying a word either.

The Duggars probably can't say anything until TLC makes an announcement.

Could the show really be coming back?

TLC is known for not sharing any information about if their shows are coming back or not. It wouldn't be surprising at all if all of a sudden they announce a new season of "Counting On" or some other spin-off with the Duggars instead.

The way it will probably work out if the show is coming back is that it won't be back for a little while, which is why it wasn't listed as a show they are focusing on right now.

The reality is, for now, the fans are going to have to just have to wait and see what happens. They love the Duggar Family and really want more of them on television.

If that happens, then everyone will be happy and if not, hopefully, they will get better about keeping the fans updated on social networks on how they are doing. The Duggar children aren't even allowed to have their own social networks until they are courting, so it is harder to keep up with some of them like Jana for this reason.

Do you think that the Duggar and "Counting On" will return to TLC? Would you be sad if the show is over? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.