Last we heard, Joseline Hernandez was the star of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." That star may have burned so bright that she imploded though because, just days ago, Joseline took to Instagram in a shocking live video and threatened to expose "LHHATL" Mona Scott-Young for things she has done to Joseline and other stars of the VH1 hit.

What does Oprah have to do with anything?

During the shocking video where Joseline went off on her "LHHATL" producer while demanding that Mona better give her the money she owes, the Puerto Rican princess was asking her fans to hashtag Oprah and to make sure the media mogul knows that she wants a sit down.

“I’m a come back in about five minutes. I need ya’ll to have y'all phones ready to record what I’m about to tell you about this b***h Mona [Scott-Young] and how she muthaf***ing treated her cast members and all the s**t that she’s done to us throughout the muthaf**king years,” said Joseline. “I’m a let everybody know. I want you to hashtag Oprah and I want to go sit down with Oprah. Can ya’ll hashtag that?”

What went down at the 'LHHATL' reunion?

There's really no denying that Joseline Hernandez was looking amazing at the recent taping for the Season 6 "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show. Joseline wore a shimmery silver gown that was covered in crystals along with matching heels that had bejeweled crystal laces that wound all the way up her thighs.

Apparently, Joseline's sexy reunion show look wasn't enough to get her what she wanted though because she says she has quit the show. In several Instagram photos she posted, Joseline hashtagged her reunion show look with many unprintables that fell under the same theme that she was angry at Mona, she wanted her money and she was quitting the show.

Mona responded to Joseline Hernandez's tirade and her demands to sit down with Oprah by posting a video of the queen of daytime TV herself. In the clip, Oprah says, "I had to do a clearing in my life of some people whose energy was not supportive of who I wanted to be in the world."

Will 'LHHATL' move on with Stevie and leave Joseline behind?

Based on that, it looks like Mona Scott-Young isn't really worried about Joseline leaving "LHHATL." Based on some rumors that have been circulating since the Instagram Live video, Joseline's anger might have been ignited after learning that she's not really wanted on the VH1 hit anymore.

Season 6 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" hasn't been incredibly successful. With Joseline's new foray into motherhood and the attempts that she's made to befriend all the women that she previously fought with hasn't really been that interesting.

To make matters worse for the reality star, she got into another altercation with Stevie J in May that resulted in a police report and more legal problems for the Latina singer. Joseline and Stevie J proved that their relationship is still as toxic as ever despite their attempts to co-parent Bonnie Bella without conflict.

Now that Stevie J has started building up his roster againa and is producing new artists, it looks like there really is no need to keep bringing Joseline Hernandez back on "LHHATL." At this point, she's so volatile that it puts the show at risk.

However, rumors has it that Stevie J isn't going anywhere and he may even have more projects in the works with Mona Scott-Young. The new projects would be without Joseline, though, prompting her to drop another picture on Instagram that features herself and Stevie J and exclaims that she and Stevie are a package deal. The problem is, she can't force Stevie to be a part of any package that he doesn't want to be in.

Will we see more of Joseline Hernandez in the future? Or did the Puerto Rican princess ruin any chance of making things right on VH1 by calling out Mona Scott-Young?