The drama between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez is still brewing after the couple's explosive May 10 fight at Seasons 52 restaurant in Atlanta. Following the hot mushroom assault that Joseline waged on Stevie during the hostile dinner, Stevie is taking action against the Puerto Rican princess again. This time around, who knows if they'll be over for good or if this is just another example of how toxic Stevie J and Joseline's relationship has become.

Stevie claims abuse

After the latest blow up between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, he is asking a judge to order the Puerto Rican princess to undergo psychological testing.

He also wants his baby mama to be forced to seek help through anger management classes.

The Jasmine Brand reported that after the fight that ended Stevie and Joseline's latest attempt at reconciliation, Stevie has been telling people that he is afraid for his life. This isn't even the first time that Stevie has admitted that Joseline flies off the handle and hits him or throws things at him.

This latest incident happened while Stevie J and Joseline were filming "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." In court documents, Stevie said that the fight went down right in front of Stevie's lawyers. The group had gathered in the upscale Atlanta restaurant to hash out the co-parenting plan for Bonnie Bella but quickly turned left because Joseline was in a "hostile" mood according to Stevie J.

Many bloggers believe that Joseline may have been angry about Stevie's new artist Estelita, whom he is rumored to also be dating. The whole romantic mess is reminiscent of how Stevie and Joseline got together years ago when he was still living with and in a relationship with another baby mama Mimi Faust.

Can the "LHHATL" co-stars also co-parent after this?

Just days ago, Stevie posted the picture above of himself and Bonnie Bella.

He captioned the photo, "Miss you Bonnie. I'll see you soon, no one can keep us apart."

It looks like Stevie plans to fight for visitation and possibly even some sort of custody of Bonnie Bella after the restaurant altercation with Joseline. That's not really surprising since Stevie, despite owing a huge amount of child support to one of his exes, is very involved with his children.

There's really no question that Stevie will continue to spend time with Bonnie Bella and provide support for her as her dad. He might even end up reconciling with Joseline Hernandez again. After all, it seems that we've been down this road before, watching Stevie and Joseline break up because of his involvement with other women, only to end up right back together again.