Jinger Duggar rebels against yet again! Her strict, religious family cannot be happy about this. Jinger recently posted a picture on Instagram in a short skirt and high heels. While this may seem like a normal thing to do, Jinger's background turns a seemingly innocent picture into a huge scandal.

The Duggar's strict lifestyle

The Duggar Family is devoutly Christian. They are very open about the details of their lifestyle and their religion. Their religious walk began after tragedy struck for Jim Bob and Michelle, the parents of the family. As written on their website, Michelle was on birth control when she and Jim Bob attempted to conceive a child.

She became pregnant but lost her child to a miscarriage. Devastated, the couple ran to God and asked him for forgiveness and advice on how to live a more godly life. Since then, they have followed a rigid set of rules to prevent their children from living a tragic life and to promote the teachings of God.

Jim Bob and Michelle raised their children with the same religious values, prohibiting short or revealing clothing, hand-holding with significant others before engagement, alcohol, and more. Jim Bob and Michelle believe that a woman's body should be saved for their future husband, which is why they are so against "skimpy" clothing.

Jinger's rebellious history

This is not the first time Jinger has disobeyed the rules of her family, and it likely won't be her last.

Jinger wrote a book with her sisters. In the book, she justifies the reasoning for conservative dress. With time, however, her views have clearly changed! Jinger has posted pictures in skirts and shirts that reveal her shoulders, as well as pictures with a gun. There's even a rumor that she's on birth control.

Perhaps her rebellious stage began due to her freedom from her parents.

She recently married her current husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and this independence from her parents seems to have sparked a desire for individuality and separation from the harsh rules she had to follow throughout her whole life. Jinger has not completely forsaken her upbringing, however. She is still vocal about her religious lifestyle, and her husband shares in her beliefs.

Jinger has enjoyed her time being a married woman and does not seem to be in a rush to have children, as her sister Michelle was when she got married. The couple hasn't had any reported issues or scandals, leading everyone to believe that they truly have a loving and happy marriage.