On "The Young and the Restless" Jordan Wilde has caused Hilary Hamilton to become a woman scorned because she was his second choice after Lily rejected him. Hurricane Hilary threatened to expose his past as a grifter and he said he would reveal images he has of her in the buff. On Monday Ms.Hamilton recruited assistance from Phyllis to get even with the man who dared trifle with her heart. She asked Phyllis to distract Mr. Wilde so she could find the images he has of her and destroy them. This way he would have no leverage over her. Hilary, however, got more than she bargained for and now wants to expose her former lover's secret life.

Jordan has no idea Hilary has set him up

Phyllis meets with Jordan and asks him to come home with her for drinks. While they are talking a drunken Billy shows and tries to fight Jordan with his crutches. Mr. Wilde decides to remove himself from the drama, with no idea he has been set up. Hilary at that very moment is going through his living space searching for the footage he is hiding that could ruin her reputation.

Ms. Hamilton is looking high and low when finally she hits the jackpot. She finds what appears to be the video of her in the buff and several fake ID's as well. Previews for Tuesday show Hilary rushing to air her television show so she obviously found evidence that exposes Jordan for the con man that he really is.

She is in her hurricane mode and as usual, is not thinking about the consequences of her actions.

The aftermath of Hurricane Hilary

Hilary has shown that she does not use good judgment as was proven when she ran footage of Nick and Victor fighting and later Victoria arguing with Ben. All that matters to this woman are her ratings.

Whatever she uncovered regarding Jordan she will use it because she feels he made her his second choice after Lily. As a woman scorned" Ms. Hamilton is out for blood and does not care that she may destroy lives in the process.

The aftermath of Hilary's fury will no doubt damage Jordan and possibly Chelsea whose past with him has not yet been explained.

Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" only know the two grifters had a past together but no details as of yet have emerged. Chelsea warned Ms. Hamilton to stay out of her past and demanded that Mr. Wilde shut her down, but clearly, that will not happen. She wants her viewing audience to know every deep dark secret and she will produce the goods. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS, to find out what the Hurricane Hilary reveals on her show.