The orange county season finale took place at Meghan King Edmonds' candle business launch party. Two of the 'rhoc' housewives are ending their marriages, which many viewers saw coming as the episodes played out. The younger cast mates want more babies and both will be met with pregnancy challenges as we are reminded in the episode. Tamra is still on the outs with her daughter. Of course, many apologies are thrown around but in the end don't appear to resolve any of their outstanding issues.

What's next for Vicki?

"RHOC" OG Vicki Gunvalson and her business partner tell her son Michael Wolfsmith that he will be a board member of Coto Insurance.

Vicki has been salivating to have Michael in the fold there at Coto Insurance since his youth. Proud mama time.

Viewers had hopes Vicki and Tamra Judge would repair their former friendship but "RHOC" Tamra was clear at the party it’s just not going to happen. It’s also been revealed on that Vicki’s daughter Briana Culberson and her family will be moving out of the Orange County guilt trip house to the opposite coast in North Carolina. Nice escape there Briana.

Vicki would LOVE to be married again and she has her eye on her current beau becoming her husband in the future but no updates on that one just yet. The ending of the episode did reveal the two bought a vacation home together so that's something.

We all know Vicki hates to be alone. She certainly doesn't do the empty nest thing well.

It’s a Kelly Kelly world

Kelly Dodd’s mom gets a pop-up makeover in – wait for it - Kelly’s house. All this is in hopes she will conquer the dating market. The only transforming the glam squad did was give her a blowout and apply some makeup.

Nothing will have changed after she takes a shower. Womp womp. Mom can't wash off that great personality thank goodness. She's a fun treat when she pops up in an episode.

Kelly had her new cleavage on full display at the "RHOC" party. She covered up with a serious Chanel pinned coat and took Peggy Sulahian aside to try to make nice.

Peggy wasn't really into it, or any of the women's efforts for that matter.

Kelly reveals her husband is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with his personalities. It is constant and Kelly is so unstable she can’t roll with it. We can tell he’s on her last stable nerve and she tells Vicki that they have a sexless marriage. It’s revealed at the end of the show that Kelly has sold her beach house in Corona Del Mar and filed for divorce. It’s an exciting thought to think of single Kelly in Orange County next season. She’s been lashing out since she’s been on the show because of her unhappy marriage. She is still a stunning woman so the dating chronicles could be a hoot to see.

Tamra and Eddie are marriage goals

Tamra Judge was gleefully going to see her estranged daughter Sidney Barney graduate from high school. Sidney has been vehement about her mother not discussing her or their relationship on social media but Tamra can’t seem to help herself. The graduation day (and night) was a very short-lived reunion as the "RHOC" finale episode revealed. They are no longer speaking once again.

While life as a mom still challenges Tamra the same can’t be said for her marriage. At the candle party, Tamra and husband Eddie Judge were holding each other’s fittest butts in Orange County like high school prom kids. Can’t blame them. It’s refreshing to see such a happy marriage on a Real Housewives show for a change.

Shannon and David Beador call it quits

The limo ride to the event was maybe the most awkward, or in the top 5 awkward limo scenes in Real Housewives franchise history. Things were blatantly uncomfortable for them in last week’s episode, if not the past two seasons entirely. They gave it a good try but they are young enough to move on and find love with other people. reported that the two have officially separated and are now living in different homes as of October 30th.

David got in Diko Sulahian's face at the party for bringing Shannon into a conversation they had privately about Peggy’s cancer. This should have happened long ago but RHOC can’t milk a storyline if they don’t drag it out all season, can they?

And that "fauxpology" Vicki gave her across the dinner table in Iceland Shannon tackled on "Watch What Happens Live" and said if it were genuine it would have taken place off-camera without Tamra whispering “apologize” in Vicki’s ear right before she delivered it.

Lydia has a change of heart

Lydia McLaughlin with her fairy hair braid tells Shannon at the party that she has talked to Peggy since their return to Orange County from Iceland and Peggy has chilled out some. It would be an opportune time to go talk to her, you know if you want to Shannon. Very glad Lydia brought mother Judy along. And her fairy dust.

Remember that yacht party for Lydia’s husband’s vasectomy? That was a big waste of life because now that it’s done she has decided to try again for a girl.

Nice finale, Lydia.

Speaking of, the hostess who is doing the most this episode, "RHOC" Meghan King Edmunds loves being a mom so much (because she has a full-time nanny) that she talked her husband Jim Edmunds into thawing out more sperm to get another IVF round going. Babies for everyone!

Peggy is in red again

Peggy Sulahian has dressed for battle once again with a stink face and red pageant dress. After feeling attacked by Shannon (despite Lydia suggesting Peggy would be receptive at the party) she wanted to leave the party calling the behavior not up to her classy standard. She had no intention of being real friends with any of the other women and she wasn't making any secret of that.

Her two daughters have moved away from Orange County to Los Angeles to attend college, so she is an empty nester now too. It’s just Diko, Peggy and their 27 exotic two-toned vehicles.

As The King Collection ice sculpture melts the night - and the season comes to an end. The "RHOC" reunion specials start next week.