"General Hospital" fans have been waiting on pins and needles to hear about William Devry and his contract. There has been a lot of back and forth and word last month was that the network and actor could not come to an agreement. His final scenes were taped before "General Hospital" went on hiatus for summer break. Fans were bummed at the possibility of deVry moving on to something different and leaving "Julexis" hanging in the balance.

The fate of 'Julexis'

Julian Jerome (William deVry) was woven into the canvas after being introduced to fans as Derek Wells.

Once the writers decided to pair him up with Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), the "General Hospital" fans really got on board. "Julexis" (Julian and Alexis) have become one of the favorites on the show and the back and forth with their relationship has driven viewers crazy. There was a lot of worries when it came to what would happen if deVry decided to not to return to "General Hospital" and didn't accept when the network was offering. Even though Julian and Alexis are divorced, there is still so much to explore with them. In recent scenes, the writers appear to be leaving their story hanging in the balance, preparing for the fact that William deVry may not return.

Over the last few weeks, William deVry's fans have been tweeting like crazy about "General Hospital" resigning him.

It has been a constant battle, and the fans were truly dedicated. It is reminiscent of when Rebecca Herbst was removed from the show and the fan outcry forced the executives to eat their words and rehire her. The power of the viewers is heavy when it comes to a show like "General Hospital." If they want to keep things going, the public opinion matters.

William deVry signs with 'General Hospital'

Earlier today, executive producer, Frank Valentini tweeted that William deVry had reached a deal with the ABC executives and will be returning to "General Hospital." This is excellent news as rumors of a "Days of Our Lives" stint were being circulated around. DeVry did announce to fans that he was going on auditions and had read for the NBC prime time show, "Taken." Fortunately, a sigh of relief can be had as there is no need to look for more work.

There are no details about the contract as of now, but Valentini promised they would be coming in the following days. Speculation is that deVry will start filming pretty quickly so the writers can keep the storyline moving.