Mrs. Jinger Duggar Vuolo broke with "19 Kids and Counting" wearing pants and now she seems determined to break Reality TV wearing tight, ripped skinny jeans. Beyond that, the celebrity of "Counting On" broke the evangelical Internet wearing leggings -- and not under a skirt! Her husband Jeremy Vuolo happily flaunted pictures of his wife's "immodest" new look on Instagram. Well, you know that they say -- if ya got it...

Jinger Duggar shows off tight jeans and leggings

The rebel daughter of "Counting On" shocked reality television fans wearing skin-tight ripped jeans.

Mrs. Duggar Vuolo did not wear the regulation bulky shirt to cover her buttocks. In an Instagram at the skating rink, Jinger Vuolo wore leggings but possibly not the skirt (she did have a long coat on). Duggar Family dress code from "19 Kids and Counting" requires leggings under dresses but neither alone lest folks see up the skirt or the crotch with just leggings.

Jinger Vuolo sports skater ensemble

The "19 Kids and Counting" kiddo was also shown on social media rocking a snug Nike T-shirt, skimpy pink jeans and skateboard shoes. Pastor Jeremy Vuolo is very much a man under the clerical collar -- he takes great pride showing off his cute wife and makes no bones about how attracted he is to her.

This type of obvious flirtation and her "immodest" dress are new among the Duggars of reality TV, who boast Biblical (Puritanical) purity on TLC "Counting On."

Jeremy Vuolo taking pot shots at Duggars?

So "Counting On" Celebrities are very much in love and don't care who knows. Is it just that which drives Vuolo to show off pictures of his wife sporting very Duggar-unapproved fashions?

Are these posts a subtle dig at mother-in-law Michelle Duggar's dress code? Is he in some way confronting Jim Bob Duggar on the strict conservative Christian upbringing? Oddly, Jeremy isn't the persona non grata Jill Duggar Dillard's husband is -- though Derick Dillard doggedly upholds Duggar values.

Derick Dillard odd man out, while Jeremy opts out

Jill Dillard's husband can't seem to win for losing. The celebrity of "Counting On" lost favor with TLC with his Twitter rants at transgender teen Jazz Jennings. LGBT tirades are very much in keeping with the Duggar think. After Josh Duggar's pedophilia, molestation of sisters and adultery, his reality television mom robocalled to get lesbian and gay residents out. Josh himself worked against the LGBT community. Son-in-law Jeremy clearly buys out of some Duggar family ways. Yet he was seated with Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald and Austin Forsyth, husband of Joy-Anna Duggar at Joe Duggar's wedding while Derick was kept apart.