Thursday on "General Hospital" the residents of Port Charles were all in a ball of confusion regarding the two Jasons. Dr. Andre Mattox destroys all evidence and attempts to leave town and Anna is wondering why. Patient 6 viciously attacks Franco because no one brought him up to speed and he ends up in jail with Dr. Klein. As Liz comforts her boyfriend, she realizes that he already knew the twin was alive. Sam is confused and does not know what to think, as Carly declares the man from Russia is the real Jason. Billy Miller's character is dumbfounded since Mrs.

Corinthos is the one who had convinced him he was the real deal, but now he has self-doubt and is not so sure.

Sam, Carly, and Jason are trying to make sense of it all

While Billy Miller's character is at Sam's hospital bed, Patient 6 shows up and all hell breaks loose. His "Jason" begins yelling and threatening the man from Russia, and Epiphany has to come in and get everyone to leave. Carly apologizes to the man she had believed was her best friend for the past few years, as she tells him she stands with Patient 6. He, in turn, reminds her that she was the one who was so sure that he was Jason Morgan and now he is doubting his identity. Outside of Sam's room Patient 6 loses it when he spots Franco with Liz because his last memories were before the brain tumor was diagnosed.

Security is called to get him off "the freak" and he is taken to jail. While at PCPD, Dr. Klein is brought in for questioning, because Valentine turned him in. Patient 6 tells Carly not to notify Diane yet because he believes he may obtain more answers by staying behind bars.Simultaneously Liz is remembering recent conversations and realizes that Jason indeed has a twin and he did not die as a child.

She confronts Franco who admits that he knew Andrew was alive, but neither he nor anyone else in Port Charles knows which man is Jason and who is the twin.

The current scorecard regarding Jason and Patient 6.

Andre has given Franco information that nobody else is aware of and now that the truth is out, he needs to share it. There will probably be no resolution anytime soon because there are eight months to go before this storyline is completed.

The scorecard as of today has Sonny and Carly certain that Patient 6 is the real deal, while Billy Miller's character is feeling abandoned and no longer certain of who he is.

Dr. Mattox and Dr. Klein were in on the experiment but neither of them has any idea which man is the real Jason and which one is Andrew. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC and don't miss one episode of "General Hospital." More than likely, if Andre does not leave Port Charles he and Dr. Klein may be forced to try to reverse the Jason memories that were implanted into Andrew and figure a way to determine which twin is which.