Friday on "General Hospital" the saga of the two Jasons took an interesting turn. While Sam and Monica are standing by Billy Miller's character, as their husband and son, Carly And Sonny have put their faith in Steve Burton being their good friend whom Spinelli nicknamed Stone Cold. The belief of many fans, however, regarding this situation, was confirmed when Jordan revealed the DNA results of Jake Doe and Patient 6. Two independent tests were run on each man and they all came back conclusive. The man that Sam is currently married to and also the one who escaped the Russian prison both have Jason Morgan's DNA.

Monica and Sam remain open-minded but are sticking by Jake Doe

Earlier in the week, Sam assured Jake Doe that she would stand by him, but admitted that seeing his original face on the other man did stir up old memories. On Friday while "Jason" was out, Patient 6 came for a visit and Sam allowed him into her home, and even let him hold her daughter Scout. She talked easily with him and did not contradict the memories he shared. Sam got him up to speed on some situations he was not aware of, but in no way did she encourage his belief that he is her husband.

Meanwhile "Jason" is at the Quartermaine crypts where he runs into Monica. They have a nice talk and she assures him that he will always be her son, but viewers could see the conflict written on her face.

The man who was previously known as Jake Doe admits to his mother that he is not certain how any of this will turn out, but is thankful for her support. When he arrives back at home he is startled to find his rival holding his daughter and he advises him to put her down.

Jordan breaks the news that stuns Sam, Carly, and Sonny

Sonny and Carly show up at Sam's and later Jordan arrives with the results of the DNA tests. She informs the group that 2 separate tests had been done on each of the subjects and the results indicate without a doubt, that both Jake Doe and Patient 6 have Jason Morgan's DNA.

Everyone looks stunned, and this shifts the saga into a new direction. Monica and Sam will still believe that "Jason" is who he claims to be, while Sonny and Carly will continue to stand behind the man from the Russian clinic.

Things would go much smoother if Andre and Franco would come clean about Jason's twin being alive, as this would let everyone know the identity of one of the men in question. Knowing about Andrew would help the group to understand the DNA results better. For now, Sam and Monica will support Jake/Jason, as Carly and Sonny will stick with Patient 6, and Jordan will be in the middle until the mystery is solved. Keep up with this storyline by watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM.