"General Hospital" viewers are still in the dark regarding whether Patient 6 or Billy Miller's character is the real Jason Morgan, but on Monday, Franco finally got some truthful answers from Dr. Mattox -- who was clearing out his office. Unfortunately, Betsy Frank's son is now more confused than he was before. While Carly And Sonny believe the man from the Russian clinic is the original "Stone Cold," Andre is telling Franco that a science experiment has caused both men to have the same memories. Each of the twins believes he is the one and only, original Jason, and have no clue that one of them is Andrew, the identical twin.

Andre comes clean to Franco

Franco shows up at the office of Dr. Mattox asking why he produced a fake death certificate for Andrew when Monica admitted that there are two Jasons in Port Charles. He listens intently as Andre tells a tale that seems to come straight from a science fiction novel. Jason was pulled from the water after being shot and became the test subject for the experiment. His memories were successfully planted within the brain of his twin brother. No one seems to know at this point, however, which man is really Sam's husband and which man is the twin.

Franco is intrigued by Andre's story but it does not clear up anything, and he wonders which man is really remembering all the bad things Franco did to Sam.

Neither he nor Dr. Mattox has any idea how to right the wrong that has been done to the twin brothers. Andre sends a document to his computer printer and tells Franco that maybe he can undo the harm that has been done. Dr. Mattox says goodbye and walks out the door.

Franco may save the day

Franco looks at the paper that slides from the printer and expresses surprise.

If Andre really leaves town then Mr.Frank/Baldwin may be the only person who can help unravel the mystery in Port Charles of which twin is which. While he is talking to Dr. Mattox, Sam gets a visit from the man that has been her spouse for the past few years. Jason tells his wife that Carly, Sonny, and the man with his own face all seem like they have a secret handshake and he feels left out.

Jason realizes his best friends are treating him as if he is the interloper, and just as he leaves the hospital, Carly brings in Patient 6 to see Sam because, like her husband, she is sure he is her true best friend. She tells him that the man living with Sam always seemed a little off and did not warm up to her the same way he did. Carly and Sonny believing this man is Jason is not proof that he is, so stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM for more episodes of "General Hospital."