Friday's episode of "General Hospital" was truly a cliffhanger. A number of Port Charles residents were left with confusion regarding multiple situations. At the center of it all is Patient 6 who believes he is Jason Morgan, the man who is currently married to Sam and Franco. Recent events have set them all on a collision course, that according to Frank Valentini will not be resolved by the summer of 2018. Mystery, drama, deception, and intrigue have all come into play as the entire town is now searching for answers. Lines will be drawn with loved ones opposing each other until the entire truth is revealed.

Now that Steve Burton has shown his face there will be no turning back.

Patient 6 shocks the town of Port Charles

On Thursday Patient 6 was revealing himself to Sonny and getting caught up to speed on what has been happening while he was away from Port Charles. While they are talking Carly sends her husband a 911 text. Both men go armed to the Metro Court where Dr. Klein's men have guns drawn on the guests. Sonny gets one of the gunmen to drop his weapon while Patient 6 drops from the ceiling with Jason's old face trying to save Sam.

Ava and Griffin recognize the man from the Russian clinic, but Monica and others cannot believe their eyes. Patient 6 follows the man who has kidnapped Sam and leaves before anyone can question him.

Sonny has accepted that this is indeed his good friend and associate but pretends he is clueless. Both his wife and Jason's mother, however, suspect he knows more than he is letting on.

The truth about Patient 6 will be a long time coming

It is still too early for any "General Hospital" viewer to place bets on whether or not Steve Burton has returned as the original Jason Morgan.

There are 8 more months to go until all the cards are on the table. The fact that Sonny and Carly disagree should let the fans know that everything is still a deception at this point and there is a lot of chaos that needs to be resolved. Liz was shot and is in the hospital where Franco and Billy Miller's Jason are nearby. Sam was thrown into the water as Dr.

Klein escaped and Patient 6 will have to rescue her.

Ava, Monica, Griffin, Dante and others who are still at the Metro Court desire explanations for the man with Jason's old face who came down from the ceiling. Can Sonny convince his wife that Patient 6 is indeed her best friend, or will Carly make her husband doubt what he feels in his heart? Stay tuned each weekday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. on ABC for more episodes of "General Hospital."