Last week on "General Hospital," Dr. Klein gave Andre a fake death certificate for Drew, hoping this will cause Franco to stop searching for Jason's twin. Franco barged into the office while the two men were talking and asked what was going on. After Klein left, Dr. Mattox gave the phony record of death to his patient and asked him to put to rest all questions regarding Drew. Scott Baldwin's son, however, has a nagging feeling that something is not quite right and spoiler alerts say that after catching the two men together yet again, he will demand answers.

Franco becomes suspicious

Franco sensed something was up because Dr. Mattox advised him to forget that Jake saw a man with Jason's old face, and to not tell Liz about his thoughts regarding Drew. He becomes suspicious as to why Andre does not want him to find the answers he needs regarding his past. On Friday, Franco was listening to Monica and Liz talking about what happened to Sam. When he finds out that the man with Jason's old face is alive and well and in Port Charles, things will really get interesting.

Right now, Patient 6 and Jason are both running around Port Charles seeking answers. Neither of them realizes that Franco has an important piece to the puzzle. Once these three men get together, the goal will be to figure out if Patient 6 or Jason is Drew.

This probably will not take place for quite a while, as this storyline will go on into next summer. For this reason, "General Hospital" viewers should not expect any dots to connect just yet.

Andre and Dr. Klein must answer some serious questions

At some point, Franco will need some serious, truthful answers from both Andre Mattox as well as Dr.

Klein. When Ava was in the Russian clinic, she was told that the family of Patient 6 is very wealthy. The Quartermaines did not know twins had been born, and therefore they would have been bankrolling the medical bills. Jason is not related by blood to the Quartermaines, who are the only other really wealthy family in Port Charles.

This would leave the Cassadines, which indicates that Helena's fingerprints are all over this situation.

It is obvious that Dr. Mattox and Dr. Klein have a boss and he or she is probably the one trying to throw Franco off the trail. Over time, viewers will find out who is the mastermind pulling the strings, and why this individual is going to be causing so much trouble to ruin the lives of Scott's son, Jason and Drew. Stay tuned for more episodes of "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.