'Game of Thrones' has been the most dominant TV series for years but with all the hype around the story, some things may pop up in a rather unpleasant way. An avid fan might ignore the bugs in the system, while a more objective eye will see transformation affecting the overall story. During the first season, 'Game of Thrones' identified itself as a picture of a middle age territory where the most trivial matters of day-to-day life were put at the center of the narrative plot.

Whether it was about sexuality, power or political view, those pseudo-concerns made the story more appealing.

Somehow, that translated into an increased density of the action, a more vibrant feature that used to keep the audience in with a powerful grip. The last two seasons were on the opposite side as the dynamism lost its freshness and the lengthiness of the scenes started to slow down the pace.

A paradox of a complex narrative unfolded

'Game of Thrones' used to deliver some explicit carnal scenes, maybe too much for a mainstream TV series. On the other side, its early interactions between characters had a special touch that has been lost somewhere along the way. The carnal part started to fade away and what once was a tool to draw in the extra audience suddenly turned into a liability. Being a global phenomenon, 'Game of Thrones' had to make some compromises in order to successfully retain its slot.

The absence of nudity is not an issue, but its recent lacking brought in a form of rigidity which tends to hit the characters' charisma. Moreover, it added a certain predictability when it comes to the main characters. Daenerys Targaryen slept with Jon Snow as the Season 7 was ending. Several episodes of the season were focused on these two potential relationships and the outcome can hardly be labeled above the average on the expectancy chart.

What the Season 8 may bring new

Thus, a tiny detail like the concept of sexuality that was so common in the beginning got pushed away from the screen while at the same time the quality of the overall narrative decreased. A factor like sexuality might be hard to replace with a less promiscuous alternative.

The Season 8 is set to be aired in 2019.

The Army of the Dead and the Night King got through the Wall which put this danger on top of all others. But, let's not forget about Cersei Lannister and her persistence in retaining power in the Seven Kingdom.

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are also out for scrutiny as they had just started an affair when the Season 7 ended and Snow's true identity was revealed.