'Game of Thrones' season 7 finale practically arranged all the pieces for the final showdown that season 8 is expected to bring to the table. The narrative has Westeros, a land that has been overwhelmed by crime, death, and despair for years, facing the danger of total destruction. The Realm turned out to be the convergence point of all narrative threads that one way or another, are about to collide.

At a first glance, it should be easy to spot sides or in some cases natural allies, but the balance of power is more complex than that. Apparently, a life vs.

death clash doesn't meet the criteria for some factors within the narrative plot. The fragmentation point hasn't reached its bottom yet as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are about to face the biggest dilemma of their lives.

Game of Thrones came up with several weak links

Jon Snow's true origin is by far a hotspot of the story for season 8, but it's not the only one. Although it came at a great cost (one of Daenerys' dragon was killed in the process), the acquiring of an Army of the Dead's exponent hasn't produced the expected response from Cersei Lannister. Her decision to further pursue some reckless ambitions is a ticking bomb.

Furthermore, Jaime Lannister and his brother Tyrion may play an important part too.

Two intriguing characters whose actions had a huge impact on the overall story, these two are far from being vetted as a clean bet. They are seeking for a particular type of redemption but without having a certain strategy to work to.

Moving up North, Winterfell which stands as a first testing ground against the Army of the Dead coming down from the Wall has its own issues.

Bran may be holding the key now that he can see all the past actions. Arya Stark remains a-hard-to-see-through character while her older sister Sansa may not be ready to endure the dark days to follow.

The Night King might reap all the fruits

A highly-fragmented political system would do the Night King a favor. He and his Army of the Dead have already breached through the Wall and it seems like an ice age of civilization is coming.

Basically, he brings cold and death just like a typical ice age does to a planet.

The Worst Case Scenario of how 'Game of Thrones' might end would definitely have the Night King as the ruler of a glacial dead realm. There are solutions to prevent this from happening but the living ones must understand and pursue a common goal rather than personal agendas.