In case you didn’t know Jill Duggar recently gave birth to her baby in July, and some fans think that she is pregnant again. Some fans think that Duggar and her husband Derek Dillard are pregnant again because of the way her body looks at the moment. You see, it’s obvious that she won’t be back to her pre-pregnancy weight after only a couple of months, so there has to be another couple of reasons to why these fans think she is pregnant. Well, yes there are more reasons, so read below to find out if this woman could be pregnant again.

Why do people think Jill Duggar is pregnant?

As mentioned above some people think Duggar is pregnant because of her pregnancy weight, but there are much more reasons to why these pregnancy rumors exist. The most shocking rumor would be what Duggar’s husband Derek Dillard posted on his Twitter. You see, Dillard has been posting nonstop about not giving into lust online.

At first, people thought this was Dillard’s attempt at apologizing to Duggar for not being faithful to her, but others have different thoughts about these posts. These other people think that Dillard is confessing his unfaithfulness to Duggar because he wants to air all of his dirty laundries before his new baby comes along.

The other reason to why these rumors of Duggar being pregnant are circulating the internet is because she refused to return to Central America with her husband.

People think Duggar didn’t go to Central America because she didn’t think it was safe to go while pregnant with her child. I know these rumors may sound like a bit of a stretch but after all, these are just rumors so it may not even be true that Jill Duggar is pregnant.

Controversies surrounding Jill Duggar and her husband, Derek Dillard

This wouldn’t be the first time rumors have swirled around about Duggar as after all she is a member of the Duggar family. However, the controversy that involves her is usually started by her husband, Derek Dillard. For example, Dillard has recently got into trouble for starting a fundraising page for himself the day father Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

Other controversies that have surrounded Dillard in the past would be making a transphobic remark to 16-year-old TLC star Jazz Jennings. These incidents have led many to believe that “Counting On” may be canceled. If that was to happen, they are best to cut Dillard from the series to give the show a chance just like they did with Josh Duggar after his problems with the law.