Farrah Abraham reacted to the news of the alleged cancellation of "Teen Mom: New Jersey" on Twitter by slamming MTV for their alleged failure to broadcast true stories about their stars. Following a post on Twitter that suggested the potential new show had been canceled before it even aired, Abraham shared a post of her own, which came as a shock to some of her "Teen Mom OG" fans.

"[I] love 'Unexpected' [by TLC]... how honest and non scripted it is!! Honest story telling!" she wrote in response to the "Teen Mom: New Jersey" news story. As for her former home network, MTV, Farrah Abraham continued on, telling her fans and followers that MTV should be taking notes from TLC for before slamming "Teen Mom OG" as fake and saying the series is no longer credible to watch.

Nikkole Paulun weighs in on the MTV controversy

In response to Farrah Abraham's post, former "16 & Pregnant" cast member Nikkole Paulun shared a tweet of her own, claiming the controversial reality star is "right" about her statement. "'Teen Mom' is so unrealistic that people don't even know what being a teen mom is really like anymore," she told her own fans and followers. She also said that she hoped TLC's "Unexpected" would get the message out more than the MTV series did.

Farrah Abraham is no longer a part of the 'Teen Mom OG' cast

While Farrah Abraham will be seen in the upcoming seventh season of the show, she revealed on the day the trailer was released that she had allegedly been fired by Viacom due to her involvement with the adult entertainment world.

A short time later, however, she returned to social media to say that she wasn't fired, nor had she breached her contract with the creators of "Teen Mom OG."

Is Farrah Abraham pregnant?

Earlier this month on Snapchat, Farrah Abraham's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, suggested that the longtime reality star may be expecting her second child when he posted an image of a baby bag.

As fans may have seen, Abraham and Saran were visiting a Louis Vuitton store when the item was purchased but didn't say a thing about Abraham being pregnant, nor did they reveal who the bag was for.

To see more of Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran, and their co-stars, including Amber Portwood, Andrew Glennon, Gary Shirley, Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra, Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout, and Taylor McKinney, tune in to the premiere of the seventh season of "Teen Mom OG" on November 27 at 9 PM on MTV.