"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that there is an epic love triangle in the works. While "DOOL" fans have seen Will Horton, Sonny Kiriakis, and Paul Narita in an awkward relationship standoff in the past, this time will be much different and way more dramatic. Viewers will reportedly be stunned by the outcome of the latest romantic drama between the three men, as the plot thickens for these Salem residents.

The biggest 'DOOL' love triangle ever?

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Will Horton currently doesn't remember anything about his life in Salem.

Will was brought back from the dead and brainwashed to believe that he was EJ DiMera. Will believes that he's EJ, that he used to be married to his biological mother, Sami Brady, and that Susan Banks is his mom. Of course, none of this is true, but Will has no idea who Sami and Sonny are, and something will have to be done to get his memories back. "DOOL" spoilers reveal that Sami will go to great lengths to get the old Will back, but it could come at a big price for Will's fragile mind.

Sonny's impossible choice

Meanwhile, once Will Horton does finally remember exactly who he is and how much he loves Sonny Kiriakis there will be a big problem. Sonny will be caught in the middle of Will and Paul.

As many "Days Of Our Lives" watchers know, Will is Sonny's husband. However, he was presumed dead for the past two years, and Sonny moved on with his first love, Paul Narita. Sonny and Paul were set to be married when they got the news that Will may be alive, and after heading to Memphis to investigate a lead, they found him.

Sadly, Paul already has a huge strike against him because he was the first person to see Will, and he kept the information a secret for 24 hours before coming clean to Sonny.

Will and Paul end up together?

However, "DOOL" fans will likely see Sonny forgive Paul and be happy that Will is alive and back in Salem. The bad news is that Sonny will be forced to choose between the two men that he loves the most in the world.

"Days of our Lives" rumors reveal that fans will see Will and Paul battle for Sonny's love and attention, but Sonny hesitating to make a decision between the two could cost him everything in the end. Rumors are running wild that while Will and Paul are fighting for Sonny they will also find a common bond. Of course, they both love Sonny and Sonny loves both of them. They also share a history, as Will once cheated on Sonny with Paul before his "death." It seems that Will and Paul could grow very close during this time, and they may actually end up together, leaving Sonny out in the cold! The plot twist would certainly shock fans and be totally unexpected.