Nikki Bella was sent home from "Dancing With The Stars" this week and now it looks like her next job could already be lined up. The rumors are flying that Nikki Bella could end up being the next "SmackDown Live" GM, but they won't be needing someone until 2019. Right now, Daniel is signed for the job until the end of 2018. If Daniel gets his way, then they are going to need to replace him with someone else and someone that can't wrestle is best for the job.

What has these rumors about Nikki flying?

Well first off, Daniel Bryan has made it very clear that he doesn't want to just be the GM and that he wants to be back in the ring again soon.This hasn't happened, but you never know if it will later on.

If Daniel goes back to the ring, then they are going to need someone to replace him. Daniel was really upset when the news came out that he was injured too bad to keep on wrestling and that it was time to move on. They offered him a way to stay in the WWE world, but it isn't what he wants to do at all.

Nikki Bella has obvious issues with her neck but has made it clear that WWE is her home. She doesn't plan to move on from this at all and so being the GM might be a way she could stick around just like Daniel did for a while. This would give her time to heal just like it has done for him.

How else could Nikki come back?

Nikki Bella just finished her time on "Dancing With the Stars" and Brie Bella just had a baby.

They have both made it very clear that they want to be back in the ring again and have talked about doing it together someday. The fans have really expected them to come in as a team and wrestle once again, but everyone knows that Nikki's doctors aren't really sure about her doing things like this again.

You know that Nikki Bella isn't done in the WWE, now we just have to wait and see how she comes back again.

It will be interesting to see if Nikki ends up taking the GM job to stick around. She recently spoke out and said she didn't think her sister Brie could handle "Dancing With the Stars," so you have to wonder if Brie thinks Nikki could handle being a GM. These girls are pretty competitive with each other.

Do you think that Nikki Bella will end up being the next GM of "Smackdown Live"?

Do you feel like Daniel Bryan is going to make it back in the ring? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. It may be a bit before we find out what is going to happen, but the speculation is going crazy and the fans really do want to know who will be the next "Smackdown Live" GM.