Nikki Bella is Dancing her heart out on "Dancing With the Stars" this season, but Life & Style shared that she is speaking out and doesn't feel like her sister Brie could cut it on the show. Brie is a new mom and very busy. These two love each other, but they do have some sibling rivalry going on. When being asked about Brie being on the show, Nikki didn't hold back at all.

What did Nikki have to say about Brie?

While at a "DWTS" post-show event in LA on October 16, Nikki shared her thoughts on Brie ever being on the show. She said, "[Brie] told me she wanted to [do DWTS], and then she watched it live a few times and she was like, 'I don't think I could do it,' I was like, 'Yeah, b---h, you can't." The thing is Brie knows how to work out hard as well and has been doing it for the WWE just like her sister Nikki.

These two do tease each other a lot and Nikki might simply be teasing her sister.

Brie hasn't replied to her yet, but the fans would love to hear what Brie has to say about Nikki thinking that she can't cut it. When you are on "Dancing With the Stars," you are practicing every single day and dancing all the time. It is really hard work for anyone who does the show and a lot of people who do it end up taking off a lot of weight while they are on the series.

Could Brie ever join the show?

You know that "Dancing With the Stars" would probably love to have Brie Bella on the show in the future if she wanted to do it. They love picking up new celebrities for the show and Brie is the kind of person they add to the show all the time.

Nikki dealt with an injury that caused some problems with her being in the WWE. Brie recently had a baby. The girls have both made it very clear that they are planning on making a WWE comeback in 2018 and more than likely it will be together. Nikki Bella is in great shape and being on the show "Dancing With the Stars" has only helped her to get her body in the shape she needs it to be.

If she spends some time training, then she could return to the WWE next year. That would also put Brie in the perfect shape to consider "DWTS" after their big comeback. Everyone is just going to have to wait and see what happens.

Do you think that Brie could end up doing just fine on "Dancing With the Stars"? Do you feel like she will ever join the show?

Sound off in comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "DWTS" on Monday nights on ABC. You never know who will show up next season and Brie might just have to end up proving her sister wrong.