Cody Nickson went to his Instagram page and shared a post that has everyone wondering what is going on with Jessica. These two are still together since meeting on "Big Brother 19," but this recent post makes it look like a baby could be on the way. That would be pretty surprising, but Cody does already have one daughter. He didn't talk about it much on the show but did let Jessica Graf know this one thing about him. They got really close while in the house.

What did Cody post that got people talking?

You can check out this post from Cody Nickson and see what you think about it.

This was put on his Instagram page and is the latest post that he put up. He hasn't put up a post responding to the fans since then.

As you can see in the picture, Jessica Graf has on a short shirt and Cody has his hand over her stomach. More than likely, he is just covering up her stomach because he doesn't want her showing it off to the world, but of course, everyone went nuts wondering if she could be expecting a baby. People are telling the couple congrats and asking if she is pregnant, but of course, Cody isn't answering them.

One fan even says, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am so excited right now please let there be a baby Jody on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You just never know if a baby is on the way, but so far Cody and Jessica aren't saying a word.

It would be pretty surprising if they had a baby on the way already and if this was the way that they announced it to the world. Cody and Jessica are probably laughing at all of the comments on the post, but for now, fans are just going to have to keep wondering what is going on with them.

How are Jessica and Cody doing now that "BB" is over?

The couple has been doing well and spending a ton of time together. They were recently off filming the recent season of "The Amazing Race." This hasn't started airing yet, but they spent a ton of time together and this gave the couple time to get to know each other better.

They seem to really like what they found out about each other because they are still posting pictures together constantly.

Do you think that Jessica Graf could be pregnant? Do you feel like Cody was just trying to cover up her stomach? Sound odd in the comments below on your thoughts. You also want to miss the new season of "Big Brother," which will be a celebrity version of the show. You never know if they will bring back a few past contestants that are now considered celebrities.