Just when you thought that that the Duggar family couldn’t get into any more drama, they somehow manage to stir up more controversy. This controversy is surrounding a rumour that Jill Duggar’s husband Derek Dillard has been cheating on her. A few fans think this is the case because if you have been following Dillard’s social media accounts, you would know that he has been posting Bible quotes about not giving into lust. Fans are taking these tweets as Dillard confessing his unfaithfulness to his wife and if you know about Dillard’s shady past then it may not surprise you that these rumours are swirling around.

Controversies surrounding Derek Dillard

This isn’t the first time controversy has surrounded the Duggar in law Dillard as recently he threw some shots online at a 16-year-old member of the LGBT community Jazz Jennings. Jennings is a transgendered girl and is also featured on the TLC network like the Duggar family. The young girl stars on her own show "I Am Jazz," and when a promo for the show was released on Twitter, Dillard had a negative comment to say about Jennings herself.

This comment has apparently put “Counting On” on the chopping block at TLC.

A source close to the Duggar family told Hollywood Life “They're probably not too long for TLC. My feeling is that they'll probably get axed soon because of this Jazz situation.” Well, if that’s the case, maybe the best thing for the Duggar family to do is cut Dillard from the show to keep the show on the air. TLC did a similar thing when they cut Josh Duggar from the show after his issues with the law.

The second controversy surrounding the Duggar in-law Derek Dillard would be the fact that he created a fundraiser for himself the day after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. This move caused many to criticize Dillard of cash grabbing from his fans, so in response, the fundraising website shut down his attempt of making a quick buck.

Many think he needs the money, as it is believed by a few fans that he is unemployed and lives off Duggar's money from the show.

The current state of the couple’s marriage

As you read above, many speculate that Dillard has been unfaithful to his wife, Jill Duggar. However, Duggar recently posted a rather heartfelt message dedicated to her husband on Instagram.

This post leaves us with so many questions. For example, why did Dillard post, so many Bible quotes about committing adultery out of nowhere if he wasn’t unfaithful to his wife, Jill Duggar? Well, time will tell what happened between the couple, and until then you can catch up with the Duggar family on the TLC show “Counting On” which will hopefully be renewed for a new season.