On Friday's episode (Nov. 17), there were several cliffhangers at the end of "General Hospital." Franco still will not tell the truth and allowed Ava to cause the green-eyed monster within him to rise. Robin had her doubts but eventually embraced Patient 6 as the real Jason Morgan. Sam's husband and Jordan both want Curtis to figure out the whereabouts of Andre and eventually got a lead that he was on Elm Street. All of this drama is connected to the saga of Jason Morgan and his twin Andrew.

General Hospital viewers were left with questions

Fans of "General Hospital" were left with questions on Friday that may or may not be resolved on Monday (Nov.

20) as most cliffhangers are. The one that has been hanging on for a while is related to Franco. On Friday he had a talk with Ava Jerome who pointed out that he now had two Jasons nipping at his heels. Ava pushed his buttons and caused Franco's insecurities to rise.

Once again he is debating telling anyone that he knows which man is Andrew the twin. At the end of the episode, Franco was lurking outside of Elizabeth's home watching her share a moment with Sam's current husband. He believes that if he keeps the secret that his relationship will be safe and if he tells then one of the Jasons will reclaim his lovers heart.There clearly was indecision in his eyes but spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that he will eventually come around and tell all that he knows.

Robin makes her decision as Jordan and Curtis decide to collude

Patient 6 met with Robin and she shared her concerns about his identity. As they rehashed moments from the past, she finally concluded that he was indeed her good friend Jason and they hugged. The issue now will be trying to sort out how his memories were implanted in Andrew's subconscious.

At the same time, they are having a reunion, Curtis and Jordan are deciding to collude regarding the mystery.

When his sweetie asks him to investigate the disappearance of Dr. Andre Maddox, Curtis tells her he is already on it because "Jason" asked him to look into the matter. As he and Jordan are talking, Curtis gets a notification that lets them know that the good doctor is still in Port Charles at a location on Elm Street.

Will Curtis and Jordan get to him in time before he skips town, and will Franco decided to immediately come clean with Elizabeth? Will Robin remain in town long enough to help her friend prove his identity? Be sure to watch Monday's episode of "General Hospital" to find out.