"General Hospital" fans figured out Andre's role in the matter of the two Jasons based on what he told Franco. Anna, however, on Tuesday confirmed the facts to Jordan. Dr. Maddox was involved in cutting-edge technology that was orchestrated by the WSB and appeared to have fled town until the end of Tuesday's episode. Someone wearing gloves was holding Andre's passport but the face was not shown. Now that Ms. Ashford has another piece of the puzzle this mystery may be a little easier to solve. Both Anna and Jordan have the skills to crack the code and give the people of Port Charles the answers they so desperately need.

Andre and Franco have answers

Andre had a talk with Franco before he disappeared and gave him a paper with information on it. Scott encouraged his son to come clean about what he knows but he refused. Later Franco burned the information which may have proven, which man is Jason Morgan and which is Andrew. Now Anna and Jordan are putting their heads together to solve the mystery.

One thing that is made more certain from this, is that only one man can be Jason and the other will be his twin, Andrew. Finding out that Dr. Maddox was using the WSB method at least gives the answer to what happened, but now there needs to be a who and why. Anna and Jordan will work together based on their professional capacities in their attempt to get some answers for the people of Port Charles.

There may be a way to tell which man had surgery which implanted within him the memories of his twin.

Andre needs to come clean and tell all

If Andre and Franco were to come clean this would solve things rather quickly, but executive producer Frank Valentini has stated that this story will not be concluded until next summer. With about seven and a half months to go, this leaves "General Hospital" viewers not knowing what is real and what has been inserted to throw them off.

Fans may not be able to tell when they are obtaining facts or if it is a smoke screen to prolong the misery. For this reason, both Franco and Dr. Maddox will probably keep what they know to themselves at least for now.

Both Jordan and Anna were puzzled by Andre's involvement and it is clear they were not expecting this. The man with the gloves is more than likely Dr.

Maddox who is trying to leave the country, but something will more than likely keep him in Port Charles. Stay tuned for more episodes of "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC to find out what happens next.