Chappelle is releasing his third and last Netflix stand-up special on New Year's Eve. His comedy special deal with Netflix prompted three stand-up shows, and his tour is coming to an end. According to the Business Insider, the funny comedian has been making $20 million a special. That's about $60 million this year alone for comedy specials. Dave Chappelle produced his own show on Comedy Central, creating funny and appealing sketches from 2003 to 2006. I see why Netflix decided to pay him so much, as he has the ability to change a good show, and increase the ratings.

For example, "Saturday Night Live" benefited from Dave Chappelle’s appearances, delivering the highest ratings overnight for that show in 2013.

The deal that made Dave Chappelle rich

The new deal erased any regretful thinking of the past deal he walked away from with Comedy Central where the offer was approximately $50 million. Dave Chappelle expressed that with his Netflix deal “it wasn't like I made a deal and had to go out and do a lot. [laughs] I just had to deliver the shows. Chappelle basically is using some of the old ideas and creations from his past work that he never released, and using the writing for his Netflix deal.

After not releasing a comedy special in 12 years, this has now become a big deal in the comedy world.

News of the new Netflix deal with brand new specials emerged in March 2017. Some of the comedian's best work has been in these new comedic stand-up shows. These shows are still up to date, modern, and very funny. The old sketches that he used to create were condemned as racially charged and ignorant, but since 2003 he has been one of the best comedians that gains attention from all races and age groups

Third series show is coming

The name of his new comedy special is called “Dave Chappelle Equanimity” and Netflix plans on dropping the special on New Year's Eve.

Netflix posted a teaser on Twitter with some help from another big show called "Stranger Things."

It's amazing that Chappelle at has accomplished so many great things at 44 years old, performing sold out multi-shows in New York and Washington.

He has even performed at his alma-mater Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Hopefully Netflix will renew his contract, or a bigger offer from a different television show will take place, so he can continue comedy and make all of his fans and laugh more. We are looking forward to even more of Dave Chappelle in the future.