Fans of NBC's "Chicago Fire" are not ready for the fall finale after only six episodes. The show just premiered on September 28. The producers know viewers want to see more of the popular series, but it's Football season. Therefore, the series will take a break until early in 2018.

The producers are trying to make it up to viewers by giving them a shocking cliffhanger that comes during the last 30 seconds of the episode on Thursday, November 2. "Chicago Fire" is no stranger to leaving viewers with shocking cliffhangers, but this one will be different from anything viewers have ever seen before.

It has been advertised to take people's breath away.

What to expect during the finale

The hour will be packed with something going on with all the main characters. Fans might remember that Hope was seen shredding Stella's paycheck during the last few seconds of last week's episode. The new girl's evil tactics are going to be discovered, and she will be on her way out of her job at the firehouse and off the show.

There is tension in Casey and Dawson's marriage. They are disagreeing about her father being at their house. Besides, there is pressure on Casey because of his new job. Before all of this, they were such a loving couple, and viewers hate to see them having problems and feuding.

Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd are rekindling old feelings.

That's not surprising since they are roommates. Even though they are seen kissing in the preview for the fall finale, producers say it's not what it seems. In fact, it will turn out to be an awkward situation. Things are not going to go smoothly for either one of them from now on.

Stella has another problem different from the one with Hope and Kelly.

She will be abruptly transferred to a public relations job and no one at the firehouse agrees with the decision. Captain Casey and Chief Boden get involved because no one ran it past them before the decision was made for the transfer to take place immediately during the next shift.

There is a lot of drama going on at the Chicago Fire Department of Engine 51.

As much as people want to continue watching the show on Thursday nights, they have to wait until next year to find out what will happen with the characters they have gotten to know and love.

Finale cliffhanger

What do you think the cliffhanger will be and who will it involve? We know what the regular show will be about, but what about the cliffhanger that will be so shocking? Whatever it will be, people will have to wait at least three months to find out what happened. Watch the "Chicago Fire" fall finale on Thursday, November 2 at 10 p.m. on NBC.