NBC aired the finale of Season 5 of "Chicago Fire" on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. The finale ended with a factory fire that left the lives of firefighters from Firehouse 51 hanging in the balance until the series returns for Season 6 in the fall. The question is: Who will survive the fire? People have sorted out the situation and have come to their own conclusion about who will live and who will die. In other words, who might be leaving the show?

Final moments

In the final moments of Season 5, Matt Casey and Mouch are in danger of losing their lives. Will one or both of them die?

Casey had been at odds with his wife during the episode before the fire. They had been feuding because Gabby's father is living with them and cramping Casey's style. During the fire, Casey calls his wife and professes his love for her.

While Casey is giving what is believed to be farewell speech to his wife, Mouch is nearly passed out on the floor after having an apparent heart attack. He was ready to retire and leave the dangerous life. This was to be his last day on the job. Could this be producer Dick Wolf's way of getting him off the show?

What we know

The Hollywood Reporter spoke about the finale with "Chicago Fire" co-creator Derek Haas. While Haas did not come out and say who lives and who dies, he did give some obvious clues about who will return next season.

Haas explained that it has been a while since a season ended with the firefighters out on a call. This was intentionally done to remind viewers that the show is about fires in Chicago. He emphasized that Season 6 will immediately pick up where Season 5 left off with the factory fire scene.

Haas said the overall theme of every season is family.

He mentioned that next season will focus on some internal family stuff. That could mean Casey is alive to work out the problem with his wife and her father who is wearing out his welcome in their apartment. Haas alluded to the fact that since Mouch had already made the decision to retire, he might be the one to die in the fire.

Fans will find out in the premiere episode of next season.

It is unlikely that Kelly Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, will die. That is, if the producers want the series to survive. Killing off Severide would be like killing off the show. Besides, Severide is bonding with the new character Kannell. So will Kannell die? It is believed that he wasn't brought on the show for two episodes just to be killed off in the finale.

Haas might not have meant to do it, but he indicated that Severide will survive because he inadvertently said Kelly and Stella will get closer in Season 6, but it will not be in the way people might think. That indicates that Severide will be back.

Based on the aforementioned speculation, it might be Mouch who dies at the beginning of Season 6 of "Chicago Fire." What do you think?