In the latest episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Sheldon Cooper had a secret to hide, and we all know how good he is at hiding secrets. This one is a biggie. Sheldon found geology surprisingly engaging when Bert asked him for collaboration in his recent project. Sheldon, who often referred to geology as ‘not a real science’ ended up getting hooked on the subject, which was embarrassing for him.

Almost a real science

As always, Sheldon turned to Penny for advice because, first of all, she is an expert adviser. Second, in Sheldon’s own words ‘she managed to hold her head high despite her shady past’.

The description was offensive for Penny, and she got irritated enough to not help him. To make the matter worse, Bert approached Sheldon in the university cafeteria in front of his friends. Sheldon’s behavior made him realize that Sheldon was ashamed of getting associated with geology in public.

Sheldon eventually turned to Amy to seek help. Amy persuaded him to go to Bert and apologize for his behavior. Sheldon tried to charm Bert in taking him back into his project only to find out that Bert had replaced him with none other than Leonard. Leonard was impressed with Bert’s ability to walk away from Sheldon on his vexing behavior.

Raj took Howard to a bar where a cricket match was shown, and all the fans were gathered.

They found that Bernadette’s colleague, Ruchi was also there. Raj and Ruchi quickly bonded over their mutual enthusiasm for cricket. Later, Raj gloated to his friends about getting hooked with Ruchi. However, none of them believed that Raj was capable of taking any relation casually.

Raj went to a dinner with Ruchi where they discussed whether soul mates exist or not.

Ruchi believed that they were scientists and they would know better than believing in teenage nonsense. Raj admitted that he believed in all romantic stuff and he had watched all 21 seasons of ‘The Bachelor’, not for nothing.

Later, Raj told Howard and Bernadette that he broke up with Ruchi because of his inability to keep relationship casual.

Howard sweet-talked him into believing that he can always sleep with anyone without getting emotionally attached which made Raj ran for the door.

Final verdict

Rating: B

It was an okayish episode with some laughter here and there. Watching Bert walking away from Sheldon was kind of cathartic, not only for Leonard but also for viewers. Finally, there is someone who can cancel his subscription to the annoying behavior of Sheldon Cooper. There is still no coherent storyline for Penny like the previous episodes, except being the adviser of other characters. #JusticeforPenny