Another week, another exciting episode from the Arrow team. As always, I love the way they start the show, going over previous events and problems that have occurred. It’s impressive to notice that they always end the last flashback on an issue or problem that has some sort of relation to the episode about to start. This week featured a Laurel Lance stranded on Lian Yu left for dead when we see her getting helped up by a mysterious hand. Who saved her and why?

This episode we get to see Oliver and Felicity progress with their relationship and go through an interesting role swap.

Helix is back, ready to distract Felicity and her guilty conscious. Oh, and we also see the return of Laurel Lance as she tears her way through innocent people. Action, deception, and resolution, all things that make a superb episode.

Old but new

Old but new is definitely a suitable sub-heading for the flower that is Felicity and Oliver’s blossoming relationship. We see the couple having a romantic and hugely anticipated date night at a restaurant looking like their old selves, sharing laughs and smiles. I say old but new only because where their relationship may seem like it’s been dragged out from the past, this Oliver Queen is brand new and taking a different approach. he’s finally ready to put some effort into his love life, which is amazing to see.

In the past, his double life always got the better of him but now, as a retired vigilante, he is able to actually create a normal life for himself. Well, I wish that was the case at least.

It seems the roles have reversed on our love-struck couple as now Oliver is the one on the sidelines, left in the dark whilst Facility and the team save the day.

Not only is he left in the dark but Felicity is the one who has to call the date short for an Arrow related emergency, which whilst watching I just burst out laughing. Oh, what a turn of events for the two. This theme manages to creatively progress through the episode as we see scenes of Oliver comforting Felicity about her ability to do the right thing, stating that she was always the voice of reason in his ear.

Again, this is similar to the conversation he had with Diggle in the previous episode, painting a picture that perhaps Oliver Queen due to his newfound fatherhood has actually grown and become the hidden backbone of the team. Offering comfort to those in the team that would normally be doing it for him.

It’s both strange and satisfying to see Oliver this collected and calm about what’s going on. Something that Felicity in the past would have to help him towards.

The role switching for the two doesn't end there as we see Oliver step into the shoes of Overwatch. I was over the moon to see him stay involved with the team somehow. Perhaps it’s the hopeless romantic inside of me but the fact he found a way to save her life by not physically being there made me extremely happy.

Especially as now after their comforting conversation he has proved to be her voice of reason when times look impossible.

I know that in the past people have criticized their relationship and put a negative spin on them reconnecting, but I personally see this as a huge step for everyone involved and hope it continues going this smoothly.

The return of Helix

Helix is back! Back and ready to rock Felicity's world once again. When we all thought it was left behind in the past it re-surfaces and causes havoc. She’s left with the responsibility of saving the world from the takedown of the Internet, which we are told is a very, very bad thing. It’s because of Helix she became so distant with the team during the previous season, going against them and losing their trust.

Something that looked as though it would be repeated, as she went off doing her own thing, leaving Oliver and the team behind. It seems no matter what she does she will always be haunted by her past decisions to betray her team. Spending her time now making amends for her actions.

However, Helix coming back on to the scene wasn’t all bad. After saving the day and the world from what she thought was Cayden James’s plan she manages to gain a new team member for her and Curtis’s start-up as well as a concept. One that aids in the development of the computer chip that allows her to walk and saved her life from being in a wheelchair. Of course, with this new inspiring idea, there has to be a name equally as inspiring.

This is where Helix comes back into play and acts as the potential name for her company. Proving that helix will always re-surface, but this time for better reasons.

Laurel Lance is loose

Laurel Lance aka Black Siren is back and looking even darker. Dying her hair temporarily black to match the start of her continued journey of death and destruction. In this episode, she is the character that helps tie the different sub-plots together. Leading Team Arrow to cross paths with Helix yet again. Thanks to Laurel we learn that the leader of the hacktivist group and the man Facility saved, Cayden James, is also the man who saved Laurel from death on Lian Yu. Granting him the power to use Black Sirens abilities in order to benefit his own cause.

Although, I am unsure on what actually ties Laurel to her loyalty to Cayden. I would have thought, given her past, she wouldn’t just surrender under control to another party. I guess we will have to see what’s up to her sleeve and if she will ultimately benefit team Arrow in some way or cause them even more problems.

Concluding thoughts

This episode was jam-packed full of past references and exciting revelations. I'm interested to see where Felicity and Curtis take their new start-up and if anything, major gets in their way. It’s also interesting to presume that Oliver may become the Green Arrow once again as throughout this episode we saw him trying so hard to be involved in any way possible.

I don’t think he can completely just walk away from the life of a vigilante, and I don’t want him to. Perhaps he will come back once they realize Cayden James's still has a bigger and more elaborate plan up his sleeve.

All I know is that I’m patiently waiting for next week’s episode in order to see what Oliver’s phone call with Slade Wilson at the end entails. It must be something big for Oliver to agree to it over the phone. Let the excitement linger in the air.