Actress Kristina Cohen, 27, took to her Facebook account on November 6 and wrote a lengthy post in which she claims ‘’Gossip Girl’’ actor Ed Westwick, 30, raped her in 2014. First, she describes the reasons she kept quiet for so long, including her mom’s disease and death, and the guilt and shame that came as the aftermath of the Rape. According to her, she has grown considerably in the three years since the alleged assault and is now ready to speak out.

A detailed story of the alleged rape in a Facebook post

Kristina Cohen's post describes the situation that led to the alleged rape that, according to Cohen, took place in Westwick’s house.

Cohen claims she had been dating a producer at the time, who was friends with Ed Westwick. He took her to Westwick's house for a dinner and that was the first time for her to meet Westwick. She goes on to say that out of the blue, Westwick suggested sexual activities to all the people present. Cohen allegedly wanted to leave, but the producer didn’t want to make the host Westwick feel awkward and suggested they stay for some time.

Westwick allegedly suggested that Cohen should take a nap in the guest room, as she was tired. She claims she fell asleep and woke up as the act of rape was taking place. She tried to fight him off, Cohen wrote, but wasn’t strong enough and couldn’t move.

Cohen didn’t want to be ‘that girl’

Cohen’s Facebook post describes how she felt after the alleged rape, saying the producer didn’t believe she was raped and thought she was an active participant. He warned her of Westwick’s influence, saying he would have people come after her if she said anything, and that her acting career would be over.

She concludes her post by saying she understands all the women who keep silent about such things out of fear and hopes her story will motivate other women to come forward and tell their stories.

Cohen filed a police report for the alleged assault Tuesday afternoon at the LAPD's Hollywood station. According to the police spokesperson, an active investigation is underway.

Westwick denies rape accusations

The 30-year-old British star of ''Gossip Girl'' and the BBC comedy ''White Gold'' took to his social media accounts as well, to deny the accusations. He claims he doesn't know Cohen and that he had never forced any woman in any manner. He seems to have great support from his fans, according to the comments.

Westwick's girlfriend Jessica Serfaty, 26, took to Twitter to defend him against the allegations. She expressed the sadness she's feeling because of the accusations. Earlier this morning, she posted an image to Instagram with graffiti reading ‘'bullshit'’ on a wall, and added: ''Nah, thanks mate. l ain’t havin any of that.''

The two started dating earlier this year and are, according to social media posts, very happy together: the pair even got matching tattoos of hearts on their forearms.