Alaskan Bush People” star Billy Brown is receiving a backlash after he was spotted with a pack of cigarettes. This comes as his wife Ami Brown is battling an advanced stage lung cancer.

A recent fan photo captured Billy pushing Ami in a wheelchair. Fans on social media, however, were quick to notice a pack of Marlboro Red in the pocket of his shirt. "ABP" Exposed, who shared the photo on their Facebook page, confirmed that Billy smokes, as well as pretty much everyone else in the family, InTouch Weekly reported.

“Stage 4 lung cancer and they can’t stop.

No sympathy,” one commented.

“Do you understand the absurdity and hypocrisy of this photo?” another Facebook user said.

Brown Family begins filming new season

The Brown family has traveled to Colorado, which suggests that they may have already started filming for the next season of “Alaskan Bush People.” Several photos of the Browns were shared on social media as they were seen on their way to Colorado.

One photo showed Billy with his children, Matt, Gabe, Snowbird, and Rainy. Another fan posted a photo of himself and Billy. Rainy has also posted on Instagram several photos, including one taken in Trinidad, Colorado.

In the previous season of "ABP," the family revealed their plans to build a new Browntown after leaving the Alaskan bush.

Colorado seems to be perfect for the family as it would be near the hospitals for Ami’s medical needs.

Is Ami joining 'Alaskan Bush People' Season 8?

At first, it was not clear if Ami has been traveling with her husband and children until her photo on a wheelchair emerged. There were even rumors that the Browns have started filming without their mother.

While Ami previously expressed her desire to continue filming the show, it would make sense if she would not be able to so. According to "ABP" Exposed, Ami has become too ill because of the side effects of chemotherapy, which is also the reason she has to stop the treatment for a while.

Rainy previously confirmed that her mother was undergoing her second chemotherapy.

It suggested that the first set of treatment worked, which enabled her to move to the second phase.

Ami Brown has been diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer earlier this year. Her doctors gave her less than three percent chance of surviving, but Ami said she has the will to fight and faith in God. While it is yet to be confirmed, there are rumors that her lung cancer has already advanced to stage 4.

“Alaskan Bush People” is produced by Park Slope Productions for the Discovery Channel.