Did shannon beador move out of the mansion she shared with estranged husband, David Beador? A recent Instagram post by "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star makes you wonder. She wasn't specific in her post since the cryptic message was in the form of talking about her dog, Archie. It doesn't take much to speculate, however, when someone uses a few little words to tell the world what's going in their lives.

No longer at the rented mansion?

According to Shannon Beador's recent Instagram post, Archie is hanging out in some water presumably in a park where he just got done playing ball.

The "rhoc" star writes that since her dog "doesn't have a big pool to swim in anymore, this is his favorite thing to do right after we throw the ball in the park!"

In the old home seen on "RHOC," the Beadors have been renting the huge residence and it appears through Shannon's post that maybe she moved out. Archie had a big pool to relax in whenever he wanted, but that's not the case anymore. It could be that since David has left a few weeks ago, Shannon and her daughters don't need the extra room.

Beadors separate

As was reported last week, Shannon Beador announced her separation from David after 17 years of marriage. She's been struggling all season to be happy in her relationship with David and desperately trying to lose weight.

Nothing has helped, and as a result, she's been difficult to get along with and lashes out at her fellow cast mates. In the end, she figured enough is enough of her misery and decided to split with David, who's reportedly already dating other women.

Shannon wants full custody of 3 daughters

Radar Online reports that Shannon wants full custody of daughters, Sophie, Stella, and Adeline.

The girls are said to be happy about their mother separating from their father, a source tells the celebrity news outlet. Seeing their parents go through such a bad time has caused a lot of unwanted drama for the family.

A source close to the family tells Radar Online that Shannon will "grant David visitation" in her request for full custody.

If the girls are behind Shannon 100 percent and David wants their daughters to live where they want, it may work out the way everyone wants and they stay with their mom.

It's predicted that Shannon Beador will get a large amount of spousal support and child support from David. A source said David is trying to work it out where the divorce went end up messy. Hopefully, they can be successful in not making the split too nasty.

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