“Ragnarok” end credits are certainly worth watching. When “Thor: Ragnarok” comes to an end, theater-goers will want to stick around to see what Marvel has coming next for the main characters of the film. There are a number of Thor 3” spoilers about to be revealed, so turn away if that’s not the information you are looking to find within this article.

“Thor: Ragnarok” has arrived in theaters and this film depicts where Thor and Hulk have been during the last few films from the Marvel Universe. It was very noticeable that they were absent during “Captain America: Civil War,” but fans certainly got their fill from the third stand-alone Thor movie.

Maybe this cannot be called a simple stand-alone film, though, as Hulk plays a large role.

What happens during ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ credits?

Without giving too much away about what takes place in the movie, suffice to say that theatergoers will want to watch the two extra scenes that are buried within the “Thor 3” end credits. The first one comes after the principal actors receive their credit after the final scene of the film. The second one doesn’t come to all the credits have rolled. Both are well-worth watching, as this is the time to sit back and enjoy how the film has ended and think about what might be coming next for the central characters.

The first end credits bonus scene

Now it’s time to get into the “Thor: Ragnarok” spoilers.

The first end credits scene depicts the heroes of the film as they fly away from Asgard in their new spaceship. As they debate about their next move and where they should take that ship, a shadow falls upon the area where the heroes are all standing. As they stare in awe, the camera goes to the outside of the ship, where an even bigger ship faces off with them.

This is where “Avengers: Infinity War” will pick up, giving a seamless transition to the next tentpole film.

The second bonus scene after credits

The second scene, buried at the end of the credits, gives moviegoers one last look at the Mastermind, who is played by Jeff Goldblum in the movie. This is to wrap up his storyline in the film and add another dash of humor to “Thor: Ragnarok.” It’s unclear if he will appear in one of the plotlines for “Avengers 3,” but it’s certainly possible.

There are rumored to be quite a few characters returning from past Marvel films to make an appearance, with even more characters also expected to get added to the fold to help stretch out what will be a two-part "Avengers" movie.