Fourteen-year-old Rainy Brown has once again opened up about her struggle with depression. The "Alaskan Bush People" daughter posted on Instagram what she is going through amid her mother's ongoing fight against cancer.

'I lost and want to be healthy'

In her post on Instagram, she shared that she has been struggling with a couple of things in the past few days, including her depression and life in general. She said that she was in a bad shape that she stayed for days in bed, resulting in minor aches. She could not figure out why she was feeling so down.

It bothered her and she lost any desire to be healthy and to stay motivated.

Then, she realized that you do not always have to have a reason. She added that it is okay to have bad days. When your body feels lazy, listen to it and have a rest. She also thanked her mom, Ami, for giving her some panaway oil to take away her pains and make her feel better.

This is not the first time that the youngest Brown family member has opened up about depression. She previously posted about it on Instagram, sharing about her dark days as a child and how some people dismissed it as just part of growing up. “Alaskan Bush People,” meanwhile, offered Rainy some words of encouragement, telling her to stay strong and hang in there.

Ami prepares for a new round of chemotherapy

Rainy’s post about being depressed comes amid reports that Ami is preparing to undergo another round of chemotherapy. Earlier this year, the family found out that Ami has a stage 3B lung cancer. There were reports that it already progressed to stage 4 but that is yet to be confirmed by the family or the network.

When the diagnosis came out, Rainy became very scared for her mother. "I just wish I could change it somehow," she said.

The past year has been a challenge for the whole Brown family given Ami’s condition. They also had to leave their homestead in Alaska and stay in Los Angeles, California, while Ami is receiving treatment at UCLA Medical Center.

Filming for Season 8 to begin soon

Meanwhile, the show is preparing to begin production soon, according to ABP Exposed on Facebook. The filming has been put on hold as Ami was reportedly too unwell after finishing her first round of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It is also not yet clear, however, whether the filming will be done in Colorado, where the family said they are going to build a new Browntown. For now, Ami and Billy and some of their children remain in LA.