Ever since the Comic-Con announcement about "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead" crossover, fans have been speculating about how this could work. While there was a slight possibility that the "Fear" character would appear in the main show, pretty much everyone said that it would be the other way around, with Abraham Ford being the most likely candidate for the crossover character.

But the latest episode of "Talking Dead" proved everyone wrong with its latest reveal that Morgan Jones, a character still very much alive in the main series will join the "Fear the Walking Dead" cast.

This obviously raised a ton of questions among the community, so here, we are going to give our best at explaining all the possible scenarios on how the crossover can happen.

A time jump

The first option that comes to mind is a time jump. Given the fact that "Fear the Walking Dead" is about three to four years behind "The Walking Dead" (it is said that last episode of Season 3 of "Fear" was taking place at around the same time as Season 1 finale of the main show). Also, it's worth noting that when Scott Gimple was asked about the crossover, he said that Morgan's Season 8 arc positioned him well for the story on "Fear." To us, this pretty much confirms a time jump theory.

"Clear" Morgan

The second option is that we'll see what Morgan was up to from the pilot episode all the way until Season 3 Episode 12.

It's entirely possible given how much time has passed between these two episodes. But then again, we have to ask ourselves what's the point of that. Because for this to work, Morgan would have to depart for Texas shortly after his son Duane died, and then to come back to the place Rick found him in the "Clear" episode.

It sounds a little far-fetched, although it would be interesting to see Morgan in an insane state of mind, and who knows, maybe he could be the main antagonist of the next season of "Fear the Walking Dead."

The location problems

As most of you know by now, the filming for the upcoming fourth season of "Fear" will take place in Austin, Texas.

So for the crossover to make sense, Morgan would have to take a long trip west. But just because they are shooting in Texas, that doesn't mean that the story will necessarily take place in the same state.

As for the evidence look no further than "The Walking Dead" that is shot in Georgia, and the story is set in Virginia. So let's say "Fear" moves its story to Alabama, which is, by the way, Madison's home state, then Morgan's arrival would seem more feasible.