Paul Staehle and his fiance Karine are still together and going strong. They are living together, but not in the United States. Now, Starcam is sharing that Paul just started a GoFundMe account so that he could try to let Karine go home for the holidays and also buy presents for her family.

What is Paul requesting exactly?

Paul has been in Brazil for a few weeks with Karine, but they aren't staying near her family. Now he is requesting money for her to go home to see her family but wanted to make sure that the fans know that this is not an international flight.

Instead, it is just to get her across the country. Paul isn't asking for enough money to go with her either.

They are actually in the big city of Manaus, which is a little more than 525 miles down the river from Karine’s hometown of Tonantins. So now, she wants to find a way to get back home for Christmas. Paul is asking for $2,000. If he can get this money, then he is going to use it to get her home, but he also wants to use the money for her to buy Christmas gifts for her family. It sounds like Paul can't afford to do it without help from the fans.

What do fans get for giving him money?

You won't actually get anything for giving Paul money, but he did share that everything will be documented with videos and pictures.

It does sound like the fans will get to see what all Karine gets for her family and how things go for her while she is there.

There are a few other things, though. For a $50 donation, you will “receive an automated Thank you video recorded by Karine.” Plus, “Karine will video call with you upon request to discuss Xmas Plans.” Paul shared that if you give $100 you will get all of that and a bit more as well.

You will get a thank you card and an autographed picture. He even teased that him sending a lock of hair is optional. So far, he hasn't got any money at all.

Karine was asked why TLC didn't end up paying for it all and he explained that it is very expensive to go there and that they canceled their recent trip. He made it sound like they had no desire to go there, but Paul didn't have anything negative to say about TLC at all.

He seems very happy with them, but this trip just didn't work out.

Are you shocked to hear that Paul Staehle is trying to use a GoFundMe to get people to pay for Karine to see her family? Do you feel like they will raise the money from fans of the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching new episodes of "90 day Fiance" when they air on Sunday nights on TLC.