"Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood's new man Andrew Glennon has fans puzzled wondering if his latest Instagram post was a baby gender reveal.Things seem to be moving along quite nicely between Amber and Andrew. The couple is happily awaiting the arrival of their first baby together. So it is understandable that Andrew is most likely very excited and may have shared, and or hinted either accidentally, or intentionally the sex of the couple's baby.

Amber's call from her ex

According to Teen Mom Talk Now Glennon's Instagram account is private, however, it has been revealed that a Reddit user who goes by sweetp0tat0fingers has access and has shared a screenshot of Andrew's post.

The post reveals a poster of the 1994 film "Baby's Day Out" which shows an adorable baby boy sitting on top of a gorilla's shoulders. Needless to say, this has set the "Teen Mom" fans off wondering if Andrew just revealed that they would be having a boy.

This post drew so much attention for a couple of reasons first off, Glennon is reported to rarely post anything on his social media accounts. Next, Amber is far enough along that if she so chose the baby's gender could be identified. Last, Andrew has not been around long enough for fans to get to know his full personality and whether or not these type of posts from him are news, hints or just his way of messing with fans minds.

Amber and Matt happy for each other's new lives

Who knows at this point, for now, everything is purely speculation and rumor because Amber Portwood has not spoken out on the baby's gender. Whether, or not she will is unknown. But you can be sure "Teen Mom OG" fans will be on high alert awaiting any and all upcoming baby news.

Amber was also hit with a huge surprise when ex-fiance Matt Baier phoned her to let her know that he had gotten married. Baier told E! that he had chatted with Amber on Tuesday and told her the news, Matt claims they had a great conversation, talking like old friends.

He also stated that Amber told him she was happy for him wishing him all the best and he did the same for her.

Glad to hear that after all is said and done that the two can remain civil. Fans can find out more about Amber, her new man and the rest of the "Teen Mom OG" cast by tuning in to MTV on Monday nights for Season 7.

In case you missed last week's premiere a lot of crazy things went down especially for Maci, Ryan, and Mackenzie. As previously reported, Ryan Edward's wife Mackenzie Standifer revealed that she blamed Maci for Ryan's drug problem. Standifer claims that Maci always insulting Ryan and making him feel small was why he turned to drugs. She also stated that before rehab Ryan was using three times a day and spending $10K a week to support his habit.

Season 7 of "Teen Mom OG" is gearing up to be a good one, and you do not want to miss one minute of this season's drama! What are your thoughts, do you think Amber is having a boy?