On "The Young and the Restless" Abby is at the hospital with her sister Victoria who has a buildup of toxins in her system. The daughter of Victor and Ashley is trying to keep the peace between her family members and prevent another Newman/Abbott war from breaking out. While she did bridge the gap between Victor, Niki, Nick, and Billy, the man she thought she was building a relationship with has decided to leave Abby and genoa city behind. Zack knows he is about to be identified as the leader of the prostitution ring and is cutting his losses and walking away.

When the truth is revealed Ms. Newman will feel more like a failure than she does now.

Abby feels like the black sheep of the Newman and Abbott families

Abby grew up believing Brad Carlton was her father, then later was told her biological dad is Victor, and technically, Abby is not even an Abbott. This comes on the heels of her always feeling second best and left out of the loop where Nick and Victoria are concerned. In addition, her grandmother Dina had a stroke and was kidnapped by Graham. As she tells Nick about her grandma's situation Abby remarks that she thinks she is in a relationship. She has no idea of the evil deeds that Zack has been committing behind her back.

Zack drugged Scott, then left him at a motel with Natalia's dead body.

Scott calls Victor for help and he, in turn, calls Paul. Scott is arrested and says Zack can vouch for him but when Paul talks to Abby's business partner his answers incriminate Mr. Granger. Later, he leaves Abby a voicemail saying she deserves much better than he can give her. He then makes calls to his associates and tells them to shut down the prostitution ring and leave no trace in Genoa City.

Zack plans to leave Abby high and dry

After his conversation with Scott, Zack realizes it is only a matter of time before he is caught. He truly seems to care for Abby but simply is not in her league. Zack grew up poor and had to fight his way through life. He thought he could have his prostitution ring and Abby Newman too. Now he is willing to leave her high and dry in order to save his own skin.

Abby will be shocked when it comes out that the man she was falling for was a criminal and quite possibly a murderer.

Zack was using the dating app to run his sordid business, so this will cause Abby to not trust her own judgment. She will again feel inferior to her siblings and think she is the black sheep on both sides of her family. When she finds out Scott was set up for Natalia's murder it will really cause her to question everything. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS to find out how this situation concludes.