How well do you know what happens behind the #scenes of 'The Bachelor/Bachelorette'? Some of these things you may have never expected were going on when the camera isn't rolling!

No internet or people cleaning up after them

While at the mansion, contestants do not get to watch TV or have access to the internet. Their phones and computers are also taken away when they arrive. Therefore, before the show, they have to figure out how to manage their finances and pay their bills before they go since they are usually there for six weeks. Also, while on the show, the contestants must do their own cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Before the show, time spent together

Before going on the show, there is a very long application process that must be completed. Each contestant must also pass a comprehensive psychological exam.When you see all of the women arrive with their witty things to say and clever costumes, it is not always their idea. The producers have a large weigh-in when it comes to choosing what the contestants do as they come out of the limo. Also, when out on their one-on-one dinner dates, no one actually eats.

They eat dinner beforehand so that the sounds of them chewing isn’t picked up by the microphones. On top of not eating together, between all of the group dates, and time spent in the mansion, the contestants don't actually spend much time together.

Former Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky says that you end up only spending 72 hours together. Twelve of those hours are spent sleeping in the fantasy suite together. Therefore, when getting engaged, do the contestants even really know each other?

The contestants drink a lot! The producers like to always have alcohol for the contestants.

It is their little secret to get them to open up and be overall more talkative. The final four are actually chosen the first night on the show! The end is decided before things have even started. Jesse Csincsak told OK! that the producers plan the whole thing. After the Bachelor or Bachelorette has talked to the contestants, they are asked to choose the four people they want to get to know better!

Money, money, money

The Bachelor/Bachelorette is paid to star on the show. According to Ben Higgins, the lead gets paid for what they would have made at their job, so normally about $100,000. While the leads get paid, the contestants get nothing. Some spend up to $40,000 in clothing and ultimately don’t get anything in return. The women also must do their own hair and makeup for most of the show.

The women only get a professional to help them on the first night! So, there is added cost in that as well. The contestants are also limited to bring only two suitcases with them to the show. In this suitcase, they must be prepared for both cold and warm weather. The show has a paint crew that repaints the rooms inside of the mansion based on the weather for the next season. According to Marshall Haraden, the walls must have at least 44 coats of paint on them.