She Knows Soaps spoilers say the tension between "Philly" will come to a head next week on "The Young and the Restless." Phyllis is going to set a trap for the man she loves and she will watch as Billy walks right into it. The months of deception and lies, along with Jack, Lauren, and Michael all telling her to stop blaming Victoria have become too much to deal with. Now Phyllis is going to put everything on the line and possibly risk losing the man she loves forever. She might just push him into the arms of the woman she wants him to walk away from.

By the end of the week, the relationship between Jack's younger sibling and his ex-wife might be over as well.

The tension will mount between Billy and Phyllis

For the past few months, Billy has been engaged in a game of cat and mouse with the woman he loves. Both he and Phyllis have been keeping secrets and plotting behind each other's backs. She is consumed with getting him away from "Brash and Sassy" as well as Victoria. His agenda has been to get even with his older sibling. Last week, Phyllis found out that her lover obtained Dina's password and used her computer to gain information regarding Jabot.

Jack encouraged Phyllis several times to confront his baby brother but she has steadily refused.

Spoilers do not elaborate, but something serious must be going to take place, that will motivate Ms. Summers/Abbott to set a trap for the man she loves. The mounting tension will escalate and she obviously comes to a point where she decides to deal with it head-on.

Phyllis will make her move and catch Billy

Billy is completely in the dark regarding all of the ways Phyllis has betrayed him.

She is working with Jack who right now is his brother's sworn enemy. She knows her former husband put false information on the Jabot website that caused Victoria to take a financial risk, which will backfire in her face. On Thursday, Billy and Phyllis had a heart to heart, but neither of them came clean.

On Friday, Jack told his former wife that he was preoccupied with family drama and that he trusted she could move ahead on her own with their plans for "Brash and Sassy".

Spoilers indicate that by the end of the week, Phyllis will make her move, and Billy will fall right into her trap. Spoilers say she will leave a text message from Jack on her phone and watch as her lover reads it. At this point, she will confront him, and let him know she is aware he used her computer to spy on Jabot. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS to find out if this will be the end of "Philly."