Georgia Chapman first met her husband-to-be back in 2004. She and Harvey Weinstein were married for ten years before the recent news about her husband's sexual abuse of women emerged. Several women in the entertainment industry have come forward with their stories of sexual harassment at the hands of the powerful producer. Weinstein would threaten their careers unless they played his games. However, in an ironic twist, Weinstein's reputation is the one, which has been destroyed.

She did not know whom she married

According to People Magazine, Harvey Weinstein's wife had no idea that her husband was abusing women.

The pair starting dating back in 2004 and a source has revealed that they were both using one another at the time. In a report by MSN, the source claims that they would help each other out with business and personal tasks and this eventually led to them falling in love. Weinstein helped Georgia Chapman launch her business and using his power to influence actresses to wear his wife's designs.

In a report by People Magazine, Georgia was aware of her husband's anger management issues. Chapman was seen several times apologizing for Weinstein's crass words, as Weinstein was widely recognized for his verbal abuse, it has been confirmed that Georgia was also a victim to his violent tendencies. While Georgia knew about her husband's temperament, she did not know that he was taking advantage of women in the entertainment industry.

She was shocked when the news first broke and could not believe the reports, Chapman quickly made the decision to leave her husband on October 10, 2017. She has since released a statement in which she expresses her sorrow at her husband's actions. Chapman has expressed her sincere horror and regret in marrying Weinstein and is now taking the necessary steps to protect herself.

She has surrounded herself by friends

According to MSN, Georgia Chapman has surrounded herself by friends and family during this difficult time in her life. In a report by People Magazine, one of Chapman's friends has commented and stated that Georgia is completely focused on protecting her two children from the news. Chapman is terrified that they will be exposed to the horrors of what her husband has done and does not think they will understand this.

In a report by MSN, a co-worker of Chapman stated that they could not understand why no one realized this was going on sooner. The source revealed that Harvey Weinstein had uncontrollable anger problems and often abused the people he worked in the office with. Weinstein's brother has also come forward to talk about the allegations against his brother.

There were few who knew the true nature of Harvey Weinstein, such as his first wife, however, they are hesitant to admit that they remained silent while other people were suffering.