It would be easy to say that Beulah Koale is having a breakout year. “Hawaii Five-O” found the New Zealand native to be a perfect fit for the new character, Junior Reigns, after the stunning departures of founding stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park. Beulah Koale also stars as a pivotal character in director Jason Hall’s raw new film, “Thank You for Your Service,” alongside Miles Teller, which releases next week, October 27.

The grit and determination displayed in the actor’s roles come from his very real life experiences and an upbringing that almost defies description.

This recent wave of wide exposure is the result of giving his all for Koale, no matter how little he had, and about producers, directors, and filmmakers who spotted something within their newfound talent that spoke beyond words.

A streak and a surplus of Steve McGarrett

Beulah Koale has already made a more than memorable introduction as Junior Reigns to “Hawaii Five-O” faithful viewers, and to Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, portrayed by Alex O'Loughlin. The ultra-eager Navy Seal positioned himself in salute stance right outside the “Hawaii Five-O” honcho’s home, and made his intentions more crystal-clear, and clean, by washing the boss’ truck.

Junior wasn't too interested in proceeding through the normal rigors of police training, but once Steve introduces him to Duke (Dennis Chun) who does the newbie a solid by granting him admission to the Academy, a handshake with his hero seals the deal.

In this week's preview of Episode 4 of Season 8, “E uhi wale no ‘a’ole e nalo he imu puhi” (No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Emu, The Smoke Will Rise), McGarrett checks up on his diligent protégé, and gets a report that despite an abundance of “raw talent,” he also has a "streak" of qualities “too much like you,” as the instructor states to the commander.

“Hawaii Five-O” methods are known for moving in lieu of prescribed procedures, and that can be at odds with Academy graduation. Time will tell if Steve’s tutelage can keep Junior on the right track, but it's no wonder that Alex O'Loughlin and Beulah Koale have found a rapport.

From the streets to the screen

Beulah grew up in a “ghetto” neighborhood of South Auckland, as detailed in a feature.

Every day was a struggle just to get by, and any odd job, no matter how distasteful the task, was what it took for the day’s “hustle.” His dad “just left” when he was very young, and two dollars a day meant he could at least eat something.

Beulah Koale did without dinner again to scrape together money for a friend to fashion an audition tape in advance of his consideration for “Thank You for Your Service.” It was when Jason Hall and “Hawaii Five-O” executive producer Peter Lenkov were both scouting potential actors that they spotted something special in this star for portraying Tausolo “Solo” Aleti in the film. His character is a Samoan-American boxer who becomes a heroic soldier, saving two platoon mates, but unable to save a third.

He is stricken and haunted by the memory and traumatic brain injury.

The “present-ness” that Koale poured into “being lost” in his character was permeating for Hall and even convinced Steven Spielberg to give this blessing on the casting. Jason Hall already garnered acclaim for “American Sniper,” and the director insists that Beulah’s poignant and powerful portrayal is so moving that he “puts the movie in his pocket and walks out the door with it.” There was even a struggle in getting the actor’s visa in time to begin shooting, but lawyers ultimately maneuvered a way through Canada.

Jason Hall even pushed for Peter Lenkov to offer the rising star the “best deal” possible for the series, and the negotiations were favorable.

The new “Hawaii Five-O” regular now shares an apartment with his longtime girlfriend and nine-month-old twin sons, and is sending money to help his mom and sisters pay off a home and “have a better life.”

Beulah Koale gives great thanks for his mom, his sisters, his agent, and the people like Jason Hall Peter Lenkov for being “angels” in his life who saw him through dark times. This newly-discovered star seems to shine a light of radiant authenticity, from his movie to TV, and hopefully, on “Hawaii Five-O” for more seasons to come.