On Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Billy was stunned to find out what Phyllis has been doing behind his back. He read a text on her phone from Jack, telling to go ahead with the launch of the Jabot's men's line. He is shocked to realize that his lady love is as devious as he is. Phyllis expresses outrage over the fact that Billy gained access to Jabot records by using her laptop. She becomes even more distraught when he calls Victoria and announces they have been set up. At this point, Ms. Summers/Abbott kicks her lover out of their apartment, and now the fun will begin.

It's all about "Brash and Sassy"

Billy is in disbelief that Phyllis is working against him and with Jack. He and Victoria were under the impression that the Jabot men's line had been put on the back burner. Jack set them up with fake news and they fell for it. They put a lot of money into the "Brash and Sassy" men's products and now they may lose big time. Phyllis wanted Vick's company to fail so she could get Billy away from his ex-wife. Jack wants revenge on "Philly" because they betrayed him.

Phyllis believed she could get rid of Victoria's influence on Billy since they were no longer working together, but now it's all blown up in her face. By kicking him out of the apartment she is sending Billy straight to his ex-wife's waiting arms.

Spoiler alerts indicated things would look bad for "Brash and Sassy" this week but there is a saving grace. Billy will have to do business with his former father in law in order to help Vicky.

Billy may have to call on Victor to save the day

Last week, Victor told his ex-son in law that he would reward him if Billy could get Victoria to trust her father again.

Should Jak's bold move set the stage for the financial ruin of "Brash and Sassy," the Newman patriarch will be more than happy to lend a hand. Victor would like nothing more than to crush the oldest Abbott, because he is currently dating Nikki. All the time and effort that Phyllis and her former spouse put into taking Vicky's company down may have been in vain.

Previews for Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" show Billy trying to get Phyllis to give him another chance. This is just his pride because she bested him. When the dust settles, things will become more clear and young Mr. Abbott will be seeking revenge on his brother. He may also decide that Victoria is the woman he truly loves. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS to find out how it all turns out.