Marvel has ramped up the promotional campaign for “Thor: Ragnarok” lately especially with the film nearing its release in theaters on November 3. Recently, the studio released another Tv Spot that contains scenes from the previous trailers. More importantly, it gives viewers a sneak peek into Odin's return.

Odin’s fate has remained uncertain following the events in “Thor: The Dark World” after Loki assumed his identity and claimed his throne. The character has mostly been missing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself. “Doctor Strange” briefly alluded to the ruler of Asgard at the post-credits scene.

From there, viewers learned that at some point Thor eventually found out that his father is missing. The god of Thunder sought the Sorcerer Supreme’s help locate his father and in exchange, he promised to bring his adopted brother Loki, who is a threat to Earth, back to Asgard.

Odin returns

Aside from this quick reference at Odin in “Doctor Strange,” the character’s appearance in “Thor: Ragnarok” has never been confirmed until he appeared in the latest TV spot. A quick shot at the ruler is at the 0:15 mark. We only see a back shot although there is no mistaking it is Odin. A voiceover from Anthony Hopkins, who plays the character, plays out in time with Odin’s appearance. “Asgard is not a place,” he says, to which Thor replies, “It’s a people.” Odin then tells his son, “Now go see who needs your help.”

Likewise, there is no mistaking the unkempt hair and disheveled clothes belong to the former ruler of Asgard.

One of the set photos leaked last year during the filming of “Thor: Ragnarok” showed Hopkins in the same state.

Weak Odin

Surprisingly, the TV spot shows a weak Odin. Did something happen that rip him of his power and vigor? The video reveals that during his absence, the once-was-powerful ruler of Asgard lived the life of a vagabond on Earth.

He somehow ended up in New York City, which explained why Thor showed up at Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum to ask for the sorcerOdiner’s help.

However, what possibly made Odin weak and helpless? According to Screenrant, it is likely that he holds one of the Infinity Stones and the villain Hela takes it away from him. The stone powers him and with it gone, it leaves him powerless to help Thor reclaim Asgard from the goddess of death. This speculation explains why Odin has his back turned towards his son. The site adds that in “Thor: Ragnarok” Odin does not fight alongside his son. Instead, he serves as Thor’s adviser.