Normani Kordei is a member of "Fifth Harmony" but her status with the group may be changing in the near future. It has been revealed that the singer has decided that she wants to focus on more Solo projects. This was announced online when Normani released a promotional poster for her solo career. There has been no confirmation as to whether she will be remaining in the band or if she will be leaving for good.

The singer is going solo

According to Billboard, "Fifth Harmony" singer Normani Kordei has revealed that she has signed a solo deal. The singer has stated that she will be known as Normani in her solo career.

She signed the deal with S10 Entertainment and Media. Normani is excited about her solo efforts and has claimed that there are great things to come.

Brandon Silverstein, the head of S10 Entertainment and Media, has released a statement about Normani's decision. He claimed that she is an incredible artist and is very easy to work with. Kordei shares these sentiments and has revealed that Silverstein is going to take her career to the next level.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it has been confirmed that Normani has released three studio albums with her fellow band mates in "Fifth Harmony." However, while being part of the band she has also attempted her own solo endeavors. Her solo efforts have been well received by the public and fans are looking forward to seeing more from Kordei in the future.

Normani's position in the band remains ambiguous

According to Teen Vogue, Normani Kordei has not released a statement about her place in her girl band "Fifth Harmony." The singer has released solo pieces in the past while being part of the group. Fellow Member Lauren Jauregui also turned to solo management when she was collaborating with other artists.

Fans think that Normani has chosen to leave the band, as she has not confirmed that she is staying. However, this has led to controversy online. Fans have begun a debate about her position in the group. One claimed that they should not be speculating until Normani addressed the issue herself. Other fans have been drawing comparisons between Normani and Camila Cabello, who left the band in 2016.

In a report by Billboard, it has been revealed that Normani is extremely excited for the future. She has claimed that she and Brandon Silverstein are going to make magic together. The singer is confident about her decision and cannot wait to show her fans what she can achieve on her own.

There has been a mixture of responses from fans about Normani's decision. Many are supportive of the singer's decision and have expressed their love and admiration. Others claim that she is abandoning her group like Cabello did.