On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," things came to the boiling point for Billy and Phyllis. The day of reckoning that "Villy" fans have been hoping for has finally come. Phyllis catches her lover reading an email from Jack on her cell phone and when she confronts him he flips the script. Billy is angry that Phyllis is aware of the launch of the Jabot men's products. In turn, she says she knows he used her computer to spy on his brother's company.

According to spoilers from Soaps She Knows, things will get so bad that Ms. Summers/Abbott will slap the man she has been fighting so hard to keep in her life.

This is probably the end of the line for Philly.

Philly was doomed from the start

Phyllis should never have had an affair with her husband's brother because Jack Abbott always gets revenge. He is using her now and she is not even aware of it. When he is finished both his brother and former wife will realize the wrath of Jack Abbott is brutal. This relationship has been doomed from the beginning but Philly only lived for the moment and never considered the fallout.

On one end was Victoria plotting to get her ex-husband back, and on the other end was Jack planning revenge against two people who hurt him so deeply with their adulterous relationship. Phyllis continued to have insecurities and became clingy, while Billy's additive personality caused him to take some risks.

Now it is all going to blow up in their faces and severe the ties that bind them.

Phyllis will always blame Victoria

Phyllis has blamed Victoria for everything up to this point. Everyone around her continues to tell her that it is Billy who is betraying her but she will not accept this truth. Now that she has seen him with her own eyes, it's times she makes him responsible for his own actions.

This may be what gives her the courage to kick him to the curb. Deep down she will always believe Vicky and not Billy is the root of all her problems.

Billy will have to say or do something pretty over the top in order for his lover to raise her hand and slap him. Perhaps once she does, Phyllis will open her eyes to the truth that this relationship was never going to be a long-term situation.

Billy will not go to the Chancellor mansion because Cane is living there with Juliet He could always get a room at the athletic club or Victoria may ask him to move in with her and their children.

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